Monday, May 30, 2011

What is Junk Silver?

Junk Silver in the numismatic circle refers to worn circulated silver coins. These are circulated worn coins and do not have any collector value BUT, the value lies in the silver content. The price of junk silver is now commandind a small premium about spot. It used to be cheap. You could get them below spor price but not anymore .Junk silvers can still be found in pocket change. Keep collecting because Silver price is still going up. Jefferson nickel does not have any silver. Only those "Wartime" (1942 (partial) -1945) and it has only 35% silver. But continue looking. That's part of the fun. You might want to try the flea market for a bargain. Have fun ,all nickles and dimes before 65 have silver in them Only war nickels (1942-1945) has 35% silver. And they silver is bounded with magnesium (?) makes it harder to extract the silver, most buyers wouldn't mess with them.
Best deal is pre-1965 dimes, quarters, half dollars, Morgan & Peace dollars and the 1964 Kennedy halve dollar all 90% silver.The 40% Kennedy & Eisenhower coins are good, just takes more of them. I got burned a lot starting out buying coins.

Why buy Gold and Silver vs Holding Dollars

Why buy Gold and Silver vs Holding Dollars Some basic information as to why people are converting some of their dollars to physical gold and silver. It explains some basic history of gold and why printing money out of thin air is helping physical gold and silver go up in value.I look around on the prices among well known companies.(NWT, APMEX, Kitko, etc, etc..) I've noticed MANY would cost us HIGH in total. MOST has minimum order like $1000.00 or 50 oz, plus some time S/H charge. Then depending on your payment method, your bank will also charge you their service fee. Today the spot price is about $43/oz. It would cost you about $60 / total. If you buy them from eBay or flea Market, got to watch out since so many Chinese fakes are going around.

Our nation is the largest debtor nation with over 14.3 Trillion dollars in official debt. The only move our government can do is to inflate away our debts. We print so many dollars that the money eventually becomes worthless. Inflation is bad for creditors, but good for debtors. If we deflate the currency, economic growth will slow down. Foreclosures and Bankruptcies would go up. Our nation has past the point of no return. The best thing we can do is to prepare ourselves.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to Buy silver, gold bullion bars, coins, ingots

Recently visiting eBay and also hearing of some very overpriced gold and silver purchases, I wanted to offer my opinion on buying physical gold and silver. This video explains how to get real gold and silver at the best price "over spot." You might also want to try pawn shops, I purchased 50 oz over a period of months, each purchase was below spot price. Not all pawn shops have silver bullion, some do, call ahead and Good Hunting!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where To Buy Silver and Gold

Where To Buy Silver and Gold

Where to buy gold and silver?
Check out

Most trusted places are...

Other recommended shops (I have not purchased from)

The ammount of reported "found" gold on this planet can only fill an olympic size pool say, 16 ft high? that`s not alot. Everybody & their mother is buying gold like crazy. Mostly certificates. Now, How is it, with ALL the big shot investors in the world, there are any scraps for us to buy, EVER? Something smells. Why is gold being used to plate cheap cosmetic jewlry & such if it is soooo valueable? Gold may make u money today, but has no value. Only consumables.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How TO Buy Silver Bullion

Bron Suchecki, The Perth Mint's Manager, Analysis and Strategy, presents a beginner's guide to buying gold and silver bullion in this three-part series recorded at the 2010 ANDA Coin Show in Sydney. Bron begins with a brief look at why investors buy precious metals before discussing the benefits of bullion bars with some great advice on how to check the best brands.As a Government owned company, The Perth Mint's indpendent audit is overseen by the Auditor General of the Western Australian Government.Whatever form you decide on when investing in silver, make sure it’s a purity of .999 fine silver whether buying bullion from a bullion dealer, coin shop, or Ebay.
Silver 100 oz. Bars & Silver 10 oz. Bars . Johnson Matthey 100 oz. Silver Bullion Bar .
If you want 100 oz. Silver Bars, or bar bullion, (also in 10 oz Silver Bars) to preserve value, go with J.M.s (Johnson Matthey), Engelhard, Sunshine Minting, U.S. Assay, A-Mark, Silvertowne, and APMEX bars. These brands are good because they are well known and trusted and have a stamp of authenticity (and they stack well in safe!).

Bars are good because they have the narrowest bid/ask spread among bullion investments.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lakota Silver Rounds

Lakota Silver Rounds Nice coins , almost to beautiful to use as real money.silver coin is an alternative to the U.S. dollar that will hold its value ,I must be honest and say that I believe the "best" silver coins to for an American to buy, (who is looking to survive the coming economic collapse), is Silver Eagles. For practical reasons, (will be the most well-recognized and therefore easiest to trade), not numismatic or ethical reasons. There are also tax and other legal advantages. However, I must admit that those Lakotas are certainly beautiful.

Making 40% on silver is better than losing 90% when the dollar crashes. You don't have to buy silver, just "get out of dollars". Dollars are doomed to go to virtually worthless in the years ahead. Buy real stuff. If you "don't believe in silver", buy other real stuff. Some stuff will hold its value, some won't. Do research and think about what will be the most important things people may need in the future. They will want some of your stuff, not dollars. They will trade their stuff for yours.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scottsdale Silver Order Review

Been buying silver for many years, thought I would give these guys a try. I bought it from and package arrived the same week I placed the order. Please watch video for review.I was going with APMEX for a good while, but found that they list their initial prices about $50 lower than what I actually ended up paying. Shipping is where they get you, and it cleverly does not factor in until the very end of the purchase cycle. I didn't like the "bait and switch" games
Buy physical silver stack up silver bars coins bullion tubes and rounds because Its

1) because silver is rising

2) because dollars are dropping, so basically if you invest money in metals you dont lose it like you would have if you had it banked...

3) fiat money is becoming worthless so those with metals will be the wealthy ones and those with paper money become poor.

4) ...dont they look prettier then your average moniez?..

Thursday, May 19, 2011

APMEX Silver Bars and Rounds

APMEX Silver Bars and Rounds are a great addition to your portfolio! Apmex has the best selection by far according to some silver bugs. Get it while its cheap it wont stay down long i ordered my first 20 bars 2 days ago and they are now almost worth what i payed get now so you can increase your profits. In case your wondering i payed about 3 dollars over spot at that time that is how much its moving soon i break even then in come the profits , yea just get 90% silver dimes in that case. I bought some 1/2 oz rounds the other day from APMEX. Get some quick while silver and gold are down.

1 kg Silver Bullion Bar

This is a 1 kilogram bar of silver bullion purchased at Ishifuku Kinzoku (Ishifuku Metals) in Japan. 1 kilogram equals 32.150747 troy ounces. I think I said something different in the video, I don't know where I got that from.
At the time of this post a silver 1 kilo bar would be worth $25.48 per Troy Ounce. So the bar's scrap value is 25.48 x 32.151 ounces = $819.20. Here in the UK, the bars are subject to Value Added Tax at 17.5% (this will be increased to 20% from January 4th, 2011). Current selling prices on eBay for the bars are circa 660 - 700 GBP.
Silver is extremely undervalued right now. Silver stocks are almost completely gone and silver is mined only as a by-product of other metals like copper, so supply will not be able to meet demand in the future. Some believe the price of silver will even match or surpass that of gold.

You can always go with allocated storage, but if you have a significant amount have your allocated gold stored outside of your home country. That's no guarantee that those other countries won't confiscate, but if you store it some place with a very liberal free-market economy I don't think there'll be a problem.

I keep all mine at home, boxed up and hidden in the storage space. In Japan there's little theft or robbery so I'm not worried.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silver Eagles vs. Bars

It doesn't matter if the bar is tarnished they melt it down. Why people buy metals? Because it is an industrial good and . I agree coins are better then bars because it is easier to sell a coin of 30 dollars instead of a bar of a kilo. More people can afford a coin instead of a bar .Engelhard is the most respected name in silver because of it purity. I had 400 oz all Engelhard, 10 oz bars and 1 oz coins. I dont recommend 100 oz bar like the one in video. It's harder to sell when silver go to 100/oz. It is for big investor only. If you invest under 10K, then 10 oz bar and 1oz coin is way to go. Total of silver in video about 20K at the time, right now about 40K in just 6 months. I dont understand people who continue to invest in a stock market. full of worthless derivatives, and overinflated b.s. like yahoo, & on & on. The only reason the market is doing as good as it is, is because the FED . just dumped 1.7 trillion of future tax dollars that have yet to be collected into it. At the same time 14+ trillion debt 1.6 trillion budget deficit.soon all that money will be chasing real assets like gold and Silver , Need i say more? Buy metals, buy lots of them.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Scottsdale Silver Shipment

Scottsdale silver makes the nicest bars I've seen "The One" 1 oz bars from Scottsdale Silver . a troy ounce is 31 grams, One of the finest silver bullion bars available: The Scottsdale Stacker®, only from Scottsdale Silver.
10 Troy Ounces of .999 Pure Silver .Just received my bars, great bars most beautiful thing I have seen, just holding them gives you an energy, very different then having currency or 401k, must say 30% my salary going to silver investment..Now Shipping to Canada automatically from their website

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Buying Silver and Buying Gold, silver bars or mint coins

Here are some secrets to buying silver and buying gold. You have some choices such as 1000 oz silver bars, 400 oz gold bars, 100 oz, 10 oz or 1 oz silver and gold bars and my favorite 1 oz mint coins.If you want 100 oz. Silver Bars, or bar bullion, (also in 10 oz Silver Bars) to preserve value, go with J.M.s (Johnson Matthey), Engelhard, Sunshine Minting, U.S. Assay, A-Mark, Silvertowne, and APMEX bars. These brands are good because they are well known and trusted and have a stamp of authenticity (and they stack well in safe!).Whatever form you decide on when investing in silver, make sure it’s a purity of .999 fine silver whether buying bullion from a bullion dealer, coin shop, or Ebay.

Bars are good because they have the narrowest bid/ask spread among bullion investments.


Engelhard's are so awesome! Especially the 5oz bars which are getting harder to find today... Engelhard silver bars are among the best. They are selling on ebay for over spot. Greg talks about silver bars, bubbles, crashes and buying silver. I did a searched of recently completed auctions on eBay and see them for about $40-$60 over spot, so that makes it about $4-$6 over spot per ounce. Not too bad. Buy it now prices mean nothing. Just means someone has their sights a bit high. Completed auctions tell you what the free market is actually paying.Found a 10 oz Engelhard on eBay for 541 US (374 euro):)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tax benefits of Owning Silver

Silver is Untaxable! Tax benefits of Owning Silver , various possible tax benefits of owning silver; benefits that may exist world wide. Silver, which is true wealth, is not inherently taxable! The IRS in an illegal, unconstitutional entity as is the federal reserve. Why on earth would you pay capitol gains tax to the government on something they don't know that you own? owning gold and silver is much simplier than dealing with IRA's, stocks, etc... Owning real gold and silver requires absolutely no paperwork...
By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. ~Benjamin Franklin

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins

American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins are the first .9999 fine 24-karat gold coins ever struck by the United States Mint at West Point.This 24-karat .9999 fine bullion coin was introduced in 2006 as the US Mint’s first pure gold coin for public sale as an investment product, and has been issued intermittently since .$50 coins that each contain one troy ounce of the purest gold available in any coin shop or online . Buffalo Gold Bullion – The First 24-Karat Solid Gold Bullion Coin From The United States Mint
According to the official U.S. Mint press release on June 20, 2006:

"This American Buffalo Gold Coin will appeal to both investors who choose to hold gold and to others who simply love gold," said Deputy Director David A. Lebryk during the ceremonial striking at the United States Mint at West Point, where the coins are being produced. "These classic and beautiful American Indian and buffalo designs by James Earle Fraser [a student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens], which have been American favorites since they were first used in 1913, recall a golden age of coin artistry."

Monday, May 9, 2011

How to buy Junk Silver

Junk Silver is one of the most overlooked investment opportunities for those who wish to invest in precious metals such as gold or silver . this video Describes pre 1965 us coins and how they are priced .Many times coin shops haven't updated the junk coins reflecting the new spot price... which means you'd be buying them for a discount now-a-days... . Silver coins minted before 1965 are guaranteed to have 90% silver content which means $1.40 face value combination contains 1 once of silver - which has been trading between $25 to $30 dollars

The value of silver coins change with the price of silver just as they do with silver bullion coins because of the metal. The price of silver can be checked on the Regal Assets website. If you are looking to buy silver coins, then you may want to consider a bag of junk silver coins.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reasons to Be Bullish on Silver

Reasons to Be Bullish on Silver . Silver is a MUST for a modern Hightech economy

Golds great its REAL MONEY (just like Silver) because it cant be printed at will by Criminal Banksters

But Silver is also KEY to Technology

Silver is the ONLY THING KNOWN THAT CAN KILL VIRAL PATHOGENS (and it works BETTER than Anti-Biotics on Bacterial ones)...Stop into your local GNC HEALTHFOOD STORE and pick up a bottle of their "Silver Biotics" and check it out!

Once the world understands this Silver will be values HIGHER THAN GOLD
Silver would be easy to use for change and would be easier to dispose of when trading. It is not a matter of if the dollar will crash but when. When it does crash the blackmarket economy will flourish because goods will be scarce and expensive. Silver and gold will be recognized as a barter medium that is stable.
Until Silver trades at some LOGICAL LEVEL to Gold it has a TON Of Catch to do.

I mean just look at the data from the world mines.The simple FACT is that we only pull 10 ounces of Silver out of the ground for every ounce of Gold. the least..Silver should trade at 1/10th the price of Gold. (that would be around $150 buck right now rather than $35)

Nevermind the FACT that we CONSUME FAR MORE SILVER Than we can mine every year and there is thus LESS SILVER ABOVE GROUND THAN GOLD
silver will always out perform gold in a bull metal market.
Silver is about to explode.

How about the fact there is 2 Billion Ounces of Gold worldwide compared to 1 Billion Ounces of Silver?

Even better than that is the Illegal 50% shorting of all Silver mined by JP Morgan and other banks that the CFTC Chairman will soon be ending.

This is 3 to 4 times more than the Hunts Brothers held long positions in the 70's that drove Silver to $80 an ounce.

Silver eagle coins

The American Silver Eagle is the official silver bullion coin of the United States. It was first released by the United States Mint on November 24, 1986. It is struck only in the one-troy ounce size which has a nominal face value of one dollar and is guaranteed to contain one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver In this difficult economic time and the debasement of the dollar by the FED , there is a rush for real assets to use against inflation, especially gold and silver bullion. Everyone is looking for a place to buy, sell or invest in gold and silver. Gold and silver and precious metals that are increasingly seen asreal money instead of the dollar which has no intrinsic value and is only a currency .The Silver American Eagle is America's only official investment-grade silver bullion coin. It is also the world's only silver bullion coin whose weight, content and purity are guaranteed by the U. S. Government.Since the American Silver Eagle's initial production in 1986, they were available in proof and mint state varieties and starting in 2006, burnished strikes became available as well. The United States Mint produces proof versions of American Eagle Bullion coins for collectors.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

When to sell your silver and gold bullion ? Bob Chapman

When is the right time to sell your silver and gold bullion....Bob Chapman
the answer is Never , do not ever sell your bullion unless you really have to , you may end up one of the richest people around , remember the stock market can crash , but gold and silver will never crash to zero , most likely the value of bullion will increase exponentially with time . just go long and stay long . When you have gold and Silver bullion you are in the safest place to be , there is no other place where you could be safer

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where to Buy Gold & Silver

Not only are the Silver Eagles and Maples Leafs Government minted bullion. They are also collector coins and have numismatic value. Really a win, win for investors with two ways to profit.Gold coins, bars, rounds & even jewelery are in a recognizable form and marked by an assayer so everyone knows exatly what it is - its like a guarantee. Sellers and buyers will know exactly what they are at a glance. Nobody will want to bother testing each flake to check that each one is real. That makes it a bad investment. the Maple leafs are .9999, very pure ,buy real silver and watch the news : JP Morgan will no longer exist because we the people buy gold and silver. JP Morgan is shorting silver, is NAKED shorting silver.

The most common questions after learning about gold and silver are "How?" and "What form of Bullion should I buy?" I invest in bullion coins only (ASE's & Peace/Morgan dollars. I place no value of one particular coin over the others.

I see them as shares in a particular stock, the ASE's are 1st tier shares and the Peace/Morgans are 2nd tier.

I calculate their value as a whole, to find the "personal rate of return", just as a 401k would be calculated...

But I do have a single favorite, a very good condition Peace Dollar, This one coin I set aside from the others, she is flawless and beautiful.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Scottsdale silver 10- 1ounce bars ,

Scottsdale silver makes the nicest bars I've seen.  check out the link! i got mine from the scottsdale ebay store..defiantly my favorite bars are these Scottsdale bars. Favorite silver coin is a tie between Austrian Philharmonic and American Silver Eagle.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is buying silver because it is pretty. Silver is silver, get the ugly stuff. I doesn't matter if it was touched by human hands, it is silver...not a collectible coin. if your touching the silver on silver coins like the silver maple, there's also some numismatic value along with the silver value. Higher grade coins or bars sell for more. If your looking at a MS 64 bar or coin thats gonna add value along with the price of the silver content. I would pay more for something in nice condition if i had the money.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to Buy and Store Silver

Do NOT let anyone store your silver and precious metals. Do it yourself. Buy an expensive safe and locate it under your house. Do not tell people you have it. Precious metals are the way to store your hard earned wealth. Do NOT let it sit in banks or in stocks. Keep as metal. Silver, gold and platinum - buy as stamped bullion at the cheapest price (not numismatic coins). Don't waste money on shipping fees - pick it up yourself. Best of all - don't trust companies. Trust metal.
Apmex. They have great prices, the site is easy to use,there are no hidden fees and they ship fast. I suggest that you stick with rounds. Hold off on the bars, : (updated) US Government declares WAR on Gold and Silver owners! He is very good and will talk about the bars and our government. You will want: Canadian Maple Leaf, Silver American Eagles, Australian coins also. Stay away from Chinas coins, there have been probs' with fakes going around .Also, invest in some junk silver. 90% Check out eBay, but be careful. They have gone a little nuts lately. Esp. with postage fees. But there are still some good deals there.You just wanted the metal in your hot hands. And ..thats what its comes down to. These metals are long term investments. Silver is depleting and money printing is causing gold to skyrocket. Either way..up up up. Don't waste time

Silver Bullion vs Real Estate

It took 816 oz of silver to buy a median 3 bed family home in the USA in 1980 during silver's peak. I totally feel it is not only possible, but probable that we will be able to do that again & for 500 oz or less! There are so many factors now that were not around in 1980's: the Fed's crazy QE strategy, the world-wide market that now can buy silver with a few clicks on their computers, the low remaining above-ground inventory of silver, the manipulation of silver's price by the banks, etc. etc.

The FED is printing so much money than the commodities and precious metals are rising, I think is very likely that a single family home will cost the 500 ounces soon .Nothings lasts forever... The dollar will be gone if inflation continues. What matters is the real value in terms of gold. You wanna buy real estate and the like when it's cheap relative to precious metals, but when the cycle turns and things reaches the floor - and it will -, precious metals will lose its relative value to real estate. That's when you get the cheapest ticket for the next move in the real estate train or stocks train. Always remember Buy low, sell high .Everything is cyclical so you want to sell your silver, or in this case trade in for a cash flowing property, before the precious metals market goes down. That will happen when the USD is restructured or a new reserve currency emerges. Until then, the US is going to print money until they run out of trees... get silver/gold before the average people get wind of what's going on.