Friday, December 30, 2011

How Do I Clean Dirty Coins with baking soda and aluminum foil (and hot water!)

how to remove tarnish and clean silver coins, bars, or jewelry Video showing how easily you can clean large silver pieces using aluminum foil, baking soda and hot water. The heat is key - warm water from the faucet won't cut it, you must get the water close to boiling for this to be effective. A large sheet of heavy duty foil and a few cups of baking soda in hot water, in a container large enough to soak the pieces. Do them one at a time, and make sure the piece is in contact with the foil.This actually turns the silver oxide back into silver. If you polish it you just rub off the silver oxide, leaving less and less actual silver. You can actually rub away decorations and fine details by too much polishing.It works Very well, I didn't even have hot water or much foil touching the silver, solid silver & plated all work very well --very easy.Dirty coins should never be cleaned because doing so will often significantly lower the value of the coin.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Chinese Panda Silver Coin

2012 Chinese Panda Silver Coin . Many experts have long noted that Chinese Panda coins are one of the worst investments available amongst government issued coins. In my opinion this is no longer the case despite growing mintages of 2010, 2011, 2012 releases. Premiums are much higher yet we can also see that premiums are made for the sale of Panda coins through coin dealers, eBay, APMEX and others. Remember, there are around 1.4 Billion Chinese with growing funds to purchase gold and silver coins. The fact that prices for these coins are high show the demand. Despite the premiums and higher mintages - demand is skyrocketing in the world's largest gold and silver market. (Chinese are not buying Eagles, Maples or Krugerrands my friends. They buy Pandas, making the Chinese Panda the world's most sought after government issued precious metals coin.

Always buy from a good dealer and weigh/test your coins. The copies that are out there are of very high quality. It's not just the Chinese coins either. There are many American Eagles in the hands of U.S. citizens that are actually fakes from China. (Mostly eBay). I always buy from an authorized dealer and my coins weigh out at 31 grams.I'm sure in China those are the preferred bullion coins, but here in America I would look at any Chinese coins with the highest level of skepticism because of all the fakes that come out of China.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Silver Dips Below $29.00 - Mass Manipulation? Lowest Point Reached?

Here comes 2012. Today silver dips below $29.00 for paper silver. Do you really thing people who bought if for more will actually sell their physical silver for paper prices?Paper silver will continue to go lower. How far will physical follow the paper lower is the question. but once paper and physical really seperates, it wouldnt be a happy pictures, thats the end of days, armageddon. Sure your physical will be in untoughable highs (just as my gold;) but still i am not sure if i really wanna see that, because whats it worth, when society breaks completely, wouldnt be fun to go in a cruise in your new Ferrari..... So be careful what you wish for......

As far as i am concerned, paper silver does not exist and it's not real, it's bottom is the same as the dollar, just worth the paper it's printed on.. i guess we may see the day soon when folks will be able to wipe thier arses in style... pop bottles are worth more LOL nice channel, i got into silver at the high 14s and gold at about $800. hold on and live life, nothing much else has any hope in the future like the metals, we made the right choice, im thankful we did the right thing.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Buy Gold and Silver Bullions Online from as little as $25

Gold is a real asset - owning Gold is about the only form of real security TODAY gold is a safe haven when currencies decline. average people don't own gold less then 1% do. the largest buyers of gold are countries like china and India. you cant get rich by dumping gold to the average person by manipulating the price because no one has 2000 dollars for a single ounce. First it was the stock market, then it was housing, now it's gold, don't miss this gold rush, learn the SECRET and make your own fortune.Trading gold is the opportunity of a lifetime to make money, all you need to know is the SECRET behind it.Turn money into gold and gold into money Having gold at home makes you feel secure and ready for possible financial hardships that will come your way in the future.

Demand and supply is an economic model of price determination in a market. Gold and Silver is a good long-term investment for those who can afford it, BUT it seems to me that continuous growth of the gold price is clearly due to artificial market manipulation intentionally created by rich and powerful. By escalating people's interest and their further desires, it is obvious why price is continue sky rocketing.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Buy Silver: 1 Kilo Silver Aztec Calendar

After looking at the Mexican 1 kilo silver coin it appears as its the very same calendar and art work, The 1 kilo is a very nice coin but too pricey for my tastes so this fits perfectly into my budget. Silver Mexican Libertads have low mintages for bullion coins giving them a bit of a numismatic value and their newer design is second to none. These coins are rapidly gaining popularity in the United States and elsewhere and the 40mm .999 fine 1 oz Silver coins are very popular with collectors and investors. - This stunning coin features the design of the Sun Stone (Aztec Calendar) on the reverse, in spectacular detail. The mint mark of the Casa de Moneda de Mexico (oM) is on the right side, while on the left is the legal tender denomintion "$100" followed by the year of minting, and the legend "1 KG PLATA PURA LEY .999" (1 KG PURE SILVER FINENESS .999). In the center of the obverse is a sculptural relief of the National Shield, encompassed by the legend "ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS" (UNITED MEXICAN STATES). Surrounding this along the coin's edge are reproductions of the different Coats of Arms used throughout Mexico's history.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The 2012 Australian Silver Kookaburra Coins

Silver Kookaburra Coins the most beautiful large silver coins in the World! Find out what makes the Australian Kookaburra one of the most sought-after modern silver coins in the world.Like other Australian Perth Mint coins, this coin ships from the mint in a nice capsule that is excellent for stacking. It contains 32.15 ounces of .999 fine silver. This coin is highly sought after by both bullion investors and coin collectors.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Silver Bullion Rounds & Bars - Which is the Better Investment and Worth More Money?

I just buy and sell from my local coin dealer; he has instant liquidity. Maybe no one in the US will have $10K to fork over, but in the world market by definition they will have a buyer. Liquidity is the last thing you have to worry about when it comes to physical gold and silver. They are the most liquid things on earth in the money markets silver bullion coins, rounds, & bars. Online US precious metals dealer buying & selling IRA approved silver bullion. Buy / sell brand new sealed mint boxes of American Eagle coins, Canadian Maple Leafs, Perth Mint, JM, NTR metals, Academy, Sunshine Minting, A-mark, Johnson Matthey, Silvertowne, 1oz, 10oz, 100oz bars, 90% bags $1000 face value, generic & buffalo rounds .Comex deliverable .999 bullion.

I buy silver to try and preserve my purchasing power for the future. The way "paper money" is being deflated (they call it "inflation" on the business networks), I can foresee a time when we will need to spend $5-10 paper dollars for a loaf of bread.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

COPPER PENNY HOARDING! : A penny saved is 3 pennies earned

Today a copper penny is worth 3 cents, but don't rush to melt them, that is illegal.

If Laws Change, 'Penny Hoarders' Could Cash in on Thousands of Dollars!

Leeb Says Copper, Rare Earth Minerals Becoming Scarce" and get some copper fever. It won't be the next silvre in terms of going to $35 but it could go up 300%-500% in a short time span (if don't don't totally crash that is)pre-82 pennies. With metal prices on the rise pre-82 pennies are worth 3 cents each and can be sold as bullion, much like pre 64 silver coins.You can go on ebay and sell copper pennies for over 2 cents, but my main point is to hoard copper pennies for when we have a currency collapse. I have no intention of getting rid of these pennies for a long time .I recommend silver also but pre-82 pennies is an easy way to secure some government backed metal. Pennies are guaranteed to be 95% copper by the treasury.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Buy Silver: APMEX Holiday Coins & Bars

I use Apmex American Precious Metals Exchange for mint direct items. I try to pay via check to keep the price down. I usually get screwed quality wise when I buy from them (not mint direct). What i mean is that often the silver is all scratched up which I dislike or its got fingerprints on the rounds. sometimes the prints dont come off. Overall they are decent site. I have bought alot from them. There is good and bad- Prices are good, packaging is great, website is good. The Bad-Payment options, shipping prices. I still use them..
APMEX is great,, I have ordered much Gold and silver coins as well as a few silver bars and never had any problem,,,their prices are great, - APMEX carries a diverse mix of 2011 holiday silver rounds and bars. Items in this category are .999 fine silver and make excellent gifts. Available in plain silver and enameled versions. Visit today to purchase yours.

Monday, November 28, 2011

This is Why you should Buy Gold & Silver Bullion

Gold and Silver HAS to keep rising in price, as the population grows, and inflation inflates. Its a pretty safe bet, to be fair. Even if it went down this week, it would go back up, even if i took 10 yrs. Like houses - they always go up, eventually. Its just whether you want gold in your house. And in the bank vault, it can be confiscated by the next government who feels it needs bailing out.There's no alternative to Gold and Silver for your savings. Savings rates are well below the real inflation rate, the stock market looks dodgy, bonds are a joke.Governments have an interest in understating inflation, so people on fixed-incomes (like pensioners with inflation-index-linked benefits) find their purchasing power dwindles. Taxes on interest earned in bank accounts don't take into account inflation; and the elites at the top of the 'money tree' get the advantage of spending the newly-created currency before it has had time to trickle through the economy and inflate prices. Get yourself started taking advantage of the gold rush happening right now, don't let this opportunity pass you by, you can trade gold from home and make money every day, whether gold goes up or down you can easily trade it online and make money,

QUOTE OF THE YEAR Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants - but debt is the money of slaves -Norm Franz, "Money and Wealth in the New Millennium"

Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Buy Gold Bullion Online

How to Buy Gold Bullion Online. Including Bars, Coins, ETFs and Exchanges!If you are considering an investment in gold, it is important to appraise yourself of the best options for your specific needs.Buying gold is one of the smartest and most secure investments that can be made in any bull or bear market. People invest in gold usually for two reasons - it's traditionally viewed as the ultimate safe haven during times of economic volatility and therefore seen as a wealth preserver. In addition it is used as a hedge against the US dollar. Gold has hit a run of new highs over recent months. A dash for its perceived safe haven status has seen the price of spot gold traded for over a record $1,800 per troy ounce (11 August 2011). On 11 July 2011, the price stood at the $1,544.20 mark. Gold bullion coins are generally a better investment than bars, because they come in smaller denominations and are thus easier to sell. Plus, you can sell just part of your collection which is much harder to do with a big bar

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Investing in Silver is for the Long run

Investing in Silver is for the Long run this is not a day trading ,All stocks peak and dip. The dips are still higher that prior dips and that creates the average line that causes stocks to rise. No need for education. No need for special training. Its just horse sense. Note to scared cats: Silver's been around thousands of years!Paper money has a chance to become worthless. Silver will never be worthless. Simple as that. What would you rather have, a piece of paper with the number 20 printed on it, or a beautiful solid silver coin that holds the same value with the possibility of increasing in value. Which can also be traded for paper with ease.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How To Buy Gold Bullion Bars

How To Buy Gold Bullion Bars .Gold is a real asset - owning Gold is about the only form of real security TODAY - gold is a safe haven when currencies decline. average people dont own gold less then 1% do. the largest buyers of gold are countries like china and india. you cant get rich by dumping gold to the average person by manipulating the price because no one has 2000 dollars for a single ounce.Modern bullion coins for investment or collector purposes do not require good mechanical wear properties; they are typically fine gold at 24k, although the American Gold Eagle, the British gold sovereign, and the South African Krugerrand continue to be minted in 22k metal in historical tradition. The special issue Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin contains the highest purity gold of any bullion coin, at 99.999% or .99999 finess, while the popular issue Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin has a purity of 99.99%. Several other 99.99% pure gold coins are available. The Australian Gold Kangaroos was first coined in 1986 as the Australian Gold Nugget. Its kangaroo theme appeared in 1989. In addition, there are several coins of the Australian Lunar Calendar series, and the Austrian Philharmonic. In 2006, the United States Mint began production of the American Buffalo gold bullion coin with a purity of 9999%.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gold British Sovereign Coins

Gold British Sovereigns Apmex sells gold and silver bullion, including bars and coins with allocated storage available, and free shipping .Gold Sovereign British Coins are one of the most popular gold coins available today as they are globally recognized and commonly traded on the international market. Gold has seen a huge increase in demand as countries, corporations and individuals have seen that currency from even then top countries have an uncertain future. The only known material to have a history of over 6000 years of value is gold. Gold may be the most likely form of trade to hedge against the unstable financial markets. World gold coins has become a diversified means of stability to include the Swiss franc, French franc and British Gold Sovereign.

Buy Gold: British Sovereign Coins - British coins are recognized around the world, and fractional Gold coins like the British Sovereign are especially sought after. Since 1957, the Gold Sovereign has been minted for bullion purposes only, and the mintage numbers are far lower than comparable bullion coins from mints around the world. The front of the Gold British Sovereign coins features the likeness of the British monarch reigning at the time each coin was minted. The back depicts the famous legend of St. George slaying a dragon.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

5 Ounces America the Beautiful Silver Coins

APMEX explains the 5 oz. silver America The Beautiful coins.the 2010 silver eagles, are no longer available from the mint. they are sold out. they still have some 2010 silver quarter park sets available last i looked. as of this posting anyways. the 2011 eagles are out already but this is ONLY the bullion coin, NOT THE PROOF or uncirculated, those wont come out until at least july according to the us mint website. however the 2011 ASE you see out now are just the regular ASE .. the kind investors use for their ira's.. - The front of the America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Bullion coins are an exact replica of the U.S. Mint's quarter dollar, featuring one of the nation's first veterans, George Washington. The designs on the back memorialize the National Parks Program, itself instated by a revered veteran, Theodore Roosevelt. The back of the Gettysburg National Military Park coin depicts Soldiers National Monument, which stands in the center of the Soldiers National Cemetery and was constructed to honor those who fell at the Battle of Gettysburg in July of 1863. The statue now stands guard over the 6,000 American soldiers laid to rest at Gettysburg. The Glacier National Park coin depicts the majestic glacier-carved Mount Reynolds. The mountain goat in the foreground reminds us of the diverse wildlife fostered within the park. Glacier National Park obtained federal protected status on February 22, 1897 and consists of 1,000,000 acres.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

When is the right time to buy gold and silver?

Reed Larsen, CEO of American Gold Reserve, asks James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation , "When is the right time to buy gold and silver?" James Turk recommends to buy gold and silver whenever you can regardless of the price , he warns about currency devaluation and the rising gold price. How the gold price is rising against all major currencies and monetary policy is political, having abandoned all pretence of seeking monetary stability. He warns of the dangers of a hyperinflationary crisis. James also explains why gold should be considered money and not an investment. He also talks of the coming dollar collapse and the waterfall decline in the dollar, especially since Ben Bernanke's words on QE. He talks of different examples of hyperinflation from paper money hyperinflation in Weimar Germany to deposit currency hyperinflation in Argentina.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Morgan Dollar - America favorite Silver Coin!

The Morgan Dollar - American's favorite Silver Coin! When the USD goes, the US will no longer to be able to support housing (0% rates + QE + backing 90% of newly issues mortgages) and in addition, the US will become much poorer because hyperinflation is completely economically devastating so housing will decline 70%-80%. Silver, on the other hand, will gain at least 3,000%. Gold will hit min $10,000 in real terms and silver will hit min. 10 to 1 silver / gold meaning silver hits min. $1,000. Bottom line, sell your house and buy silver. In the video we discuss the history and background of American's favorite coin to collect "The Morgan Silver Dollar" The history of the morgan dollar is just as interesting as the morgan dollar for collecting. We also discuss what the trends are in collecting and investing in this wonder silver coin. Economic collapse is imminent and market maipulation continues there will be a silver shortage so buy silver now and crash JP Morgan. The Greatest Depression is comming gold investing and silver investing are the only way to survive so buy silver bullion and gold bullion coins bars and rounds are all fine.

Sure enough to bet my life's savings on silver. Sure enough to get my family and friends into silver. And sure enough to spend time every day learning about silver because the opportunities are going to be enormous. The Fed has no choice but to increase QE or let the malinvestments become exposed and depositors to lose their money. The shorts are giving me an opportunity to enter into silver at a lower price and therefore make a lot more money.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


GOLD EAGLE MARKET REPORT - ABUNDANT AND HARD TO TURN AND MAKE A PROFIT Gold buyers and sellers are totally different from silver buyers and sellers.And the short, mid and long term UPSIDE for silver... grossly OUTWEIGHS that of gold... pound for pound, so to speak! (i.e. at least several x over...) WST the American Gold Eagle bullion and the collector American Eagle gold coins (proofs and burnished uncirculated). We discuss how the Gold American Eagle coin came into being and what to collect as a coin collector and what to invest in if you are just look for gold bullion. Keep stackin!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Do you like Maples or Eagles? the Canadian Maple Leaf, it's point, nine, nine, nine, compared to the US Silver Eagle, which is point, nine, nine, nine." I think you meant, point, nine, nine, nine, nine.the difference is .0007, and in my opinion, the difference is not worth favoring one over the other simply because of that. If you want .99999 silver coins go to Royal Silver More pure then the Maple Leafs

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Buying a Monster Box Silver this morning from The Tulving Company

Silver Maple Leaf Monster Box Of 1 Oz Bullion Silver Coins Silver Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) bullion coins for sale online. US precious metals coin dealer buying & selling Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. Monster Boxes of brand new 1 oz uncirculated Mapleleaf coins are available. Other hard money options for collectors & investors include, American Eagles, Perth Mint coins, Ohio Precious Metals, JM, NTR Metals, Academy, Sunshine Minting, A-mark, Johnson Matthey, Silvertowne, 1oz, 10oz, 100oz bars, 1 Oz generic & Buffalo rounds. The minimum we will purchase or sell is 500 Oz of Silver. We are available to take new orders on all holidays and every weekend, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We only ship within the U S A and offer free overnight shipping. 20 oz minimum gold orders or 500 ounces of silver. The purchase of coins or bullion items is highly speculative and involves substantial risk. We do not know if the market for precious metals is going up or down. We think you should buy or sell what you want, when you want. At the Tulving Company we are bullion order takers. We have no commissioned salesmen. In 2010 our precious metal sales were over 370 million. Visit or call us at 800-995-1708 to speak to a ordering representative about bullion coins or bars.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why Invest In Gold

Gold is becoming increasingly popular with INVESTORS and COUNTRIES here are the top 3 reasons why: 1. Paper Currencies Fail 2. Countries Are Buying Gold 3. Billionaires Are Buying Gold

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 Oz APMEX Silver bullion

Investing In Silver Bullion Invest In Precious Metals Bars

Investing In Silver Bullion Invest In Precious Metals Bars. For sale, precious metals bullion coins, rounds, and bars. Online U S coin dealer buying and selling Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. Brand new 100 oz OPM bars are available. We do not know if the market for precious metals is going up or down but, wouldn't it make sense to invest a little money in physical metals? Do you own any currency insurance? Have you diversified in hard money assets? Other hard money options to invest in include, American Eagles, Perth Mint coins, Ohio Precious Metals, JM, NTR Metals, Academy, Sunshine Minting, A-mark, Johnson Matthey, Silvertowne, 1oz, 10oz, 100oz bars, 1 oz generic and Buffalo rounds. The minimum we will purchase or sell is 500 oz of Silver. We are available to take new orders on all holidays and every weekend, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We only ship within the U S A, and offer free overnight shipping. 20 oz minimum gold orders or 500 ounces of silver. We think you should buy or sell what you want, when you want. At the Tulving Company we are bullion order takers.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Buy and Sell Gold and Silver Bullion In Perth at The Perth Mint

Perth Mint gold bars. Minted from 99.99% pure gold and available in 5 gram, 10 gram, 20 gram , 1 ounce and 10 ounce sizes. For anyone living in or visiting Perth, it's convenient for buying or selling gold and silver bullion bars and coins during business hours Monday to Friday.

Visitors can also sell their unwanted gold jewellery in the bullion room at the trusted Perth Mint. For further information call 9421 7248 or visit

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How are Silver and Gold Coins Priced ?

How are Silver and Gold Coins Priced? where and how to get the Best Price Silver and Gold Bullion. Find out about how you can buy silver bullion easily and cheaply. With the financial markets in turmoil, silver in decline (harder to get) and the dollar Dropping; Physical silver and Gold Bullion are our only 100% safe Places to protect our money. With a rising inflation, your money in the bank will Not beat real inflation (if you are lucky enough to get over 5.2% interest paid by the bank). Most bank accounts offer lower than this interest rate and then you have income tax to pay on this interest. We all know now that no matter how large a bank is, none are immune from failure or from going bust.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Saving Copper Pennies as an Investment

HerWell, as of right now, it is illegal to melt any pennies. A pennies still worth only a penny if it can't be melt. The only usage of copper right now is for thermo and electrical conduction because of it is cheap. In the future, I expect demand of copper will drop. Something with much better electrical conduction is already available. In 10-15 years,the manufacturing process would replace copper in electronics and electrical applications.e is my copper hoard. Copper is around $4.30 a pound which makes a copper cent worth almost three times its face value.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Numismatic silver vs Silver bullion

I think bullion is best at the cheapest possible price. I own a roll or Silver Eagles but the rest of my holdings is bullion. You have to ask this question: what r the chances that the premiums will OUTPERFORM the underlying bullion. And in my opinion the odds are low. If Silver doubles the premium would also have to double just to keep up and I don't see that happening. .numismatically......a­nd i tend not to buy for the art...way over premium....and at the end of the day ..its the melt value of silver that people will pay for....imagine...if we ever get to a situation where we end up using silver and gold for barter/purchasing.....numismat­ic value may not be a consideration.......but hey...then again you may be right.....either way  - its silver!!!...and those who have it will be set!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Robert Kiyosaki Recommends Silver Bullion

Author, businessman, investor and financial educator Robert Kiyosaki strongly recommends people invest in silver as governments continue to print fiat currency. Precious metals are one of the KEY investments that perform well during deflationary depression. This is the opportunity of yuour life time to easily earn as many free US Silver Eagle coins as you need for the same price!the opportunity that is available to everyone to be able to still invest in Gold and Silver. Right Now they are both worth a lot. And they will continue to rise up more and more. Robert Kiyosaki along with other Smart business People are investing in stuff like this. So, be smart I say, and You really need to check out this opportunity Like None other in the marketplace.

Friday, September 2, 2011


There are 6 steps to finish and polish your homemade silver bar. Step 1: Sand the bar with 150 grit sandpaper Step 2: Sand the bar with 220 grit sandpaper Step 3: Buff with 0000 fine steel wool Step 4: Stamp the bar with a steel punch/stamping set Step 5: Tumle the bar with steel BB's for 3-5 hours Step 6: Polish with a cloth wheel and polishing compound The bar in this video weighs 90 grams (2.89 troy ounces) .I filmed the most important part...the tumbling. Everything else was simple enough to just explain....and because I only have this 1 bar, I couldn't actually do it over again for the video. If someone needs a visual demonstration on how to use a piece of sandpaper or a stamp set & hammer then I really can't help them. You can tumble any shape you want to polish. If the piece is very detailed you may need more than just bb's though to get into all the small crevices and areas. .

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What type of silver should you buy ?

I talk about a few different options when it comes to buying bullion. Also is it too late to get in on Silver? I like to diversify in junk silver, Government coins, and a few bars. I have maybe four or five generic rounds, although I do like the high premium coins because they are so beautiful. I bought a lot of HIGH premium stuff like lunars, kooks, and olympic maples back in November. Now, I've made over $15 on every coin with the premiums! To test for counterfeit silver coins, do a ring test. For large coins like silver dollars, balance the coin in the middle and tap the edge. You should hear a distinct high pitch ring which is characteristic of silver. That sound cannot be faked. For smaller coins, put them in a coffee mug, cover the top with your hand but leave a little space between your fingers. Then shake it next to year ear. You should again hear that high pitched ringing. Non-silver coins sound very different. i am now buying mostly silver maples and government coins just because they are better than a random private mint, i only have a few silver rounds (4) i also like the high premium bars because locally they sell them for cheap and i can sell them for a profit! The half Oz rounds are going to become a great way for people to keep getting silver in the coming times. I have 20 of the year of the rabbit. I thing you gave some good advise. I like a bit of variety myself. I keep buying a little each month & then big on the dips. Who know when the fiat $ in packing it in. For people entering the market your advice would be good to listen to.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2011 Australian Koala 1kg Silver Bullion Coin - Perth Mint

Here we have a very nice piece, the 2011 Australian Koala 1kg 999 Silver Bullion Coin by the Perth Mint in Perth, Western Australia. These are currently the only 1kg coin available for purchase from the perth mint website, and it is absolutely stunning!Purchased for AU$1,252 in July 2011, approximately 32.151 ounces You would need to contact the Perth Mint directly to discuss your options, depending on your locality etc, personally I would phone them and ask them what their procedure is for buying silver from you.. Silver doesn't generate cash flow, so you'd only make money with it if you sold it at a higher price than which you purchased it. You could try local precious metals/coin dealers too, but be careful not to get ripped off! They're currently selling 10oz for AUD 441.00 so it's defintely a great investment (Fully aware buy-back price is a lot lower). Considering you bought them for AUD $357.00 roughly six months ago

Buying Gold Bars vs Buying Gold Coins

Buying Gold Coins Bars Bullion : When buying gold bullion it is important to know the main reason for buying. If the main goal of buying gold is to preserve your wealth it is recommended when buying gold coins or buying gold bars that they are closest to spot price as possible. Spot price is the price what one troy ounce of pure gold is selling for at the time you buy. A troy ounce is equal to 31.1034768 grams. When it comes to gold coins you are not only paying for the gold but the manufacturing of the coin. This is why gold coins are usually more expensive than gold bars. The good thing about gold coins is they are usually easier to sell than bars. When buying gold coins it is recommended that you buy coins minted by a mint that's been around for a while and has a good reputation. Some other things that are recommended is that you buy pure gold coins and minted in the country you intend to sell it, if not in the mint closest to the country where you intend to sell. Pure gold should say 99.99 or 999.99 and also be 24 Karat. Some gold mints will have coins with the amount of gold stated in addition an alloy of silver and copper to produce a more wear-resistant gold coin. These coins will be 22 Karat and will be less than 99.99 pure. When buying gold bars you usually get more gold for your money compared to buying coins. If you buy gold bars it is recommended only buy 999.99 (24 Karat) bars. It is important when you buy gold that you get physical possession of the gold. This way you don't have to worry about any company going out of business or any government seizing your gold for any reason. Buying gold bullion is one of the best way to preserve your wealth from inflation of a currency or any other economic downturns a society might face.

I also prefer to invest in coins over bars but if you are looking to get the most gold for your money in a uniform form, bars are the way to go.If you buy bars, take physical possession, & have them drilled to make sure they aren't just gold-plated.I agree with the coins. Mainly because even if the metals market does plunge the coin will possibly have more value due to it's historical, and rarity value. You pay more for the coin sorta like a little insurance policy on your gold. But that's just my $0.02

Monday, August 29, 2011

Perth Mint Australia - Silver Bullion Unboxing

I've received a shipment of silver today and decided to share the unboxing with my viewers. The package includes 2 units of 99.9% Pure Silver from the Perth Mint Australia. Purchased at $357.00 per bar in late February 2011 .Investment in precious metals will always be worth something, even when money is diluted so much that everything costs a fortune, silver and gold will remain salable at a nice amount! :) The way prices are going, it'll be a very worth while investment! :) 4 months ago silver was selling at $26 per ounce, now it's $36, so things are looking u,The problem I have with the Perth mint is that they are too expensive !  They must love their metal more than the rest of the mints around the world

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cheap Silver

Silver bullion, silver collection, 90% half dollars, 40% half dollars, halves, silver, half dollars, cheap silver, silver bars, the federal reserve, precious metals check small rural banks if you can...a friend of mine picked up 3 rolls of halves at a small rural bank in south Georgia...every freaking coin was silver...most were 90% franklins and there were some 40% kennedys...probably some old timer had a bunch of them at home and decided to cash them in not realizing the silver content...smaller banks probably don't cycle through halves much so they probably keep what customers cash in to have some on hand...just a tip! If the dollar collapses, people like us that have gold and silver may end up saving the economy my keeping it going. If there is enough of it to spend into the economy it may be possible to sustain everything until all is rebuilt.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Silver Collection 2011 - Bullion Bars Coins Jewelry - Stacking For The Future

For a beginner your best bet is to get from a reputable company like Kitco or Ampex. Also a few of the big refineries sell public like sunshine mint they are pretty good. You'll pay less if you freelance buy (like off people around town, or ebay. But you also open yourself up to get burned so i highly dont recommend that unless you know what you are doing. There are plenty of people out there who will sell you a German silver bar and you will be none the wiser

I've been collecting silver for about 6 months. My collection ranges from 50% coins up to 99.99% silver maples. I've also purchased a lot of sterling silver jewellery. I'm not sure buying sterling was a good idea, but I figure silver is silver. Anyhow, the SLV market recently peaked at $48.50 per ounce, but currently resides around $35. However, if you look on eBay, physical silver trades a lot higher than the SLV. I've been reading information provided by Sons of Liberty (link provided below) According to these folks, silver is an incredibly undervalued metal and should increase substanially in the months to come. This group goes on to say that silver has been manipulated by a group called "The Pilgrims," for over a hundred years. If this is true, then silver definitely could make some leaps and bounds. I'll confess thay my true intention is to make money purchasing silver. I've bought during the dips and have held onto everything hoping that silver will trade above the $50 high reached back in the early 1980's. It seems like a plausible scenario if you look at the historical data. Furthermore, I've been informed that the banks that hold physical silver are lending it out at a ratio of around 20:1, which makes sense considering the economic collapse of the US banking system during 2008.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Making a Silver Ingot at Home : MELTING AND CASTING

Melting my sterling silver scrap with a propane torch and silica melting dish,,,and casting into a homemade wooden ingot mold. You can find Borax in the laundry detergent aisle of any grocery store. The one-time-use mold was made from poplar wood and everyday wood glue. My results were even better than expected. Thanks for viewing.Borax helps the silver "flow" (liquefy) and traps the slag/dirt. I use about 1/2 teaspoon for every troy ounce of silver I'm melting, but it's not exact. Once you heat the silver red hot, sprinkle the borax on it and continue torching until the metal melts.The silver melted in this video was STERLING. The copper/tin/nickel will NOT separate from the silver by melting would need acids to separate them. You really can't use too much BORAX. I used about a teaspoon for the silver in this video. If the silver looks dull or you see things floating on top of it (slag) when it's melted,,,add a little more borax to it.

Propane/Oxy should be more than sufficient. I actually re-melted the bar I cast in this video, along with some other scrap I found to make a larger 3 ounce bar (using another wooden mold), but I had to use an Oxy/Mapp torch to get it to melt (propane alone wasn't hot enough for that much silver),,,but that Oxy/Mapp at 5000+ degrees sure was!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

China encourages Silver Bullion for investment

China has introduced its first-ever investment opportunity for silver bullion. The bars are available in 500 grams, 1 kilogram, 2 kilograms and 5 kilograms with a purity of 99.9 percent.I know silver is not a perfect investment, but China and India buying silver makes it a totally different market than 20 or 30 years ago. Plus with all the world devaluing their paper currencies to cheapen their exports, silver is bound to go up. This is not 1988 anymore. You must deal with the current reality. The Chicago Mercantile exchange and JP Morgan can't suppress the price of physical silver forever and new stockpiles will dry up as new demand increases. China is basically saying.... "Get out of the US dollar".

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1989 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf (Commemorative Proof)

Here I (attempt to) showcase these beautiful collector coins, although they have such a brilliant mirror finish that it's very tricky to properly capture them :o) What's interesting is that each box is made of actual maple, and each one is distinctive since the wood grain and patterns are rather unique. Mintage: 30,000 (very few for sale anymore)

Silver Bullion : How to Avoid Buying Fake Silver

Here are some of the things you need to know in order not to get fooled when buying silver bullion, #1: It needs to say the weight, #2. needs to have the purity, 3, buy from a reputable mint.Try testing the weight of the rounds first on a good troy ounce or gram scale that measure out multiple decimals(A jeweler or coin shop probably has one if you don't). If the weight is a lot more or a lot less that the weight stamped on the piece, do further tests. Also before you do a test that would mark up the coin, look at wording. If it doesn't have ".999 silver" or the weight in troy ounces or grams, try more tests. Better to know now then find out at a desperate time :)

Tips to avoid buying fake silver. Look at these silver duds and see who makes them so you are not fooled. If you have purchased silver and discovered that it is a fake, please make a video response to show the world. Let's expose the silver thieves together!

Quality Silver Bullion Minting Process - Making Buffalo Indian head Rounds

Silver looks appetizing, when I see fresh minted rounds, I wanna take a bite out of them.For over 10 years we have been perfecting our minting process, to provide the highest quality minted pieces. We made this quick video so that you can be more familiar with what we do here at Quality Silver Bullion. Feel free to leave comments and questions.Now remember that this is bullion grade and is usually made and purchased in high quantities. A collectors piece usually has a limited quantity and costs a lot more per piece. As an investor, it usually isn't the best idea to purchase collector's pieces because of the high prices. If you want to learn more about QSB, visit our website:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Making Money from Silverware & Scrap Silver

This is a load of scrap silver that came in our store. Silverware sets, broken jewelry, cups, candle holders, all getting melted down and cashed in.

Scrap Silver

This is a clip of about 2 weeks of buying scrap silver. I advertised in the newspapers and internet that i was having a silver recall and needed silver. I was able to get Flatware Sets, Scrap SIlver Jewelry, Coins, and Bars, 300 ounces is worth almost $10,000!!!  you can get most of them under spot?


Johnson Matthey bars

Johnson Matthey bars are minted in the United States. Johnson Matthey gold bars offer an ideal investment advantage due to the low premium over spot gold. One-kilo gold bars are typically favored by investors that are looking to buy large amounts of gold. They are recognized worldwide and therefore are very liquid. Each bar weighs in at one-kilogram which amounts to 32.1507 troy ounces of .9999 pure gold. These bars are produced by the renowned refiner Johnson Matthey in the United States. Johnson Matthey bars are known in the industry as a reliably pure bullion gold product. Gold investors gravitate toward the portability and easy to handle size of the Johnson Matthey .9999-fine 1-kilo gold bars. Each has an industrial finish embossed with the Johnson Matthey hallmark, purity, and content with an engraved serial number.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Buy Silver and Gold Wholesale

Buy Silver and Gold Wholesale : We have been collectively hoodwinked into believing that our paper currencies are 'as good as gold'. Nothing could be further from the truth. Originally, our paper currency was a receipt for gold or silver held on deposit. But since 1971, all world currencies have been fiat -backed by nothing of physical value. Take a $10 bill from your wallet. Do you really think that the paper is worth $10? Welcome to the Matrix...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Scottsdale Stacker Silver Bar

One of the finest silver bullion bars available: The Scottsdale Stacker, only from Scottsdale Silver. 10 Troy Ounces of .999 Pure Silver.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Buy Silver | Protect Your Wealth

Don't Buy silver until you watch this video. Buying silver or silver bullion is way to protect against effects of inflation and debasement of the dollar. Silver and precious metals.

What is Junk Silver - How to Buy Junk Silver

In Gold We Trust - Coins, Bullion & Scrap Gold Calculator and prices of Junk Silver CoinsInformation about Junk Silver, what is junk silver and what is the best way to buy junk silver coins such as old silver dollars, morgan silver dollars etc I re-evaluated my bars, rounds vs. junk silver & I own both. As you mentioned the quarter, dimes, half dollars are universally recognized currency. Its a bonus that they have a silver content which give it even more value. Although to someone who does not recognize a metal content it still has its face value, if you go to a shop with a 100/oz bar its just a hunk of metal to the average person. Its good to have more minted coins vs bars, rounds...etc

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Investing in silver. Junk Silver or .999 Fine Silver? By David Morgan. junk silver is the easiest way to get silver for cheap and it doesn't carry a premium price like Silver Eagles. Just go buy a few dimes.everyone should own a mix of junk silver. I have nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars. I'm looking for more small denomination junks silver for a SHTF scenario and need small barter money.I buy junk and 999 fine, they are both winners.Diversification is good idea even if it's just in your silver. One point many stackers miss is the need to 'make change'. If all one has is 1 oz. and the other one 'say's sorry no change' and one really needs the product one leaves money on the table. Also the distinction between .999 and .9999 is lost on most people. If the price is 1 oz. most people are going to shave some off and give it back to you if it's .9999. They'll just say tough @#$!.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Junk silver coins ? Buy while they call it as junk.

ACQUIRING AND COLLECTING 90% JUNK SILVER COINS? One of my favorite things in life is collecting coins and I love collecting the 90% silver junk coins. Since silver's demonetization, silver has been junk, not precious. So they call these 90 percent US silver coins as junks. Because they were so cheap. Silver Dime bag was few bugs before. People think silver as industrial metal. But it was not hundred year ago. Silver was monetary metal and subsidiary coins not junk silver coins.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Buying silver coins vs. buying silver bars

David Morgan discusses when and how to buy silver coins and silver bars. It all depends on the size of your portfolio and individual preferences Start with coins, then bars. This is so true. Coins from the perth mint at the moment are $45.56 per ounce for a basic coin and they will re buy them from you for $34.01 thats $11.55 over spot per ounce. If you buy a kilo bar it costs $1173.29 or $36.49 per ounce and they buy them back from you for $1042.67 or $32.43 per ounce. Thats only $4.06 above spot. If you buy the perth mint coins you pay an extra $7.49 p/o over the bars. 1kg bars are the way to go if you want to make more money on the SALE of your silver in Ausi.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mexican Gold Coins $50 Gold Bullion Pesos

Mexican Gold Coins $50 Gold Bullion Pesos : This beautiful coin was made​in commemoration of 100 years of freedom of independence from Spain this currency is called in Mexico: "Centennial" (One Hundred Years) This coin is the most expensive in the world with an estimated cost of $ 22.800 PESO (Depends state in which the currency is), I knew that Mexico was the first country to have the symbol "$"and then when the United States adopted this symbol was released. Mexican Gold Bullion Coins - Mexican gold coins have more gold than any other bullion in the world. These Mexican gold pesos have regained in popularity over the last year as gold investors realize the value of the coin for the gold content increases. Gold Bullion and Coins are being bought up by countries, corporations and individual investors due to the uncertain global financial crises. Gold is the only know material to be used as currency backing for the last 6000 years.

Monday, August 8, 2011

British Gold Sovereign Coins

Gold Sovereign British Coins are one of the most popular gold coins available today as they are globally recognized and commonly traded on the international market. Gold has seen a huge increase in demand as countries, corporations and individuals have seen that currency from even then top countries have an uncertain future. The only known material to have a history of over 6000 years of value is gold. Gold may be the most likely form of trade to hedge against the unstable financial markets. World gold coins has become a diversified means of stability to include the Swiss franc, French franc and British Gold Sovereign. . Love those British sovereigns. James Bond did them too. World recognized and today one costs it`s weight in gold

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The world largest gold coin

Making of the world's largest gold coin, a 2007 Canadian $ 1,000.000 Maple Leaf. Right now this is worth $5,336,941.
This coin breaks all records: It weighs a staggering 100 kilos and measures 53 cm in diameter. But the most remarkable thing about this impressive coin, which cannot even be lifted by two men, is that it is made exclusively of the purest, finest and most refined gold: 999.99/1000 gold.
Although this coin is really cool, its just WAYYY too big for anyone to really want to own it (those who can afford it). I mean, you need 3 people to lift it!! The Canadian mint was better off making a 1 kilo size, it would have been much more profitable for them.Initially, only one was to be made and it wasn't meant to be sold. They did it just to showcase the fact that "hey world, look what we can do". But a few people approached them and said they would want to own them. So they made 5 of them. I just wish they made some sort of glass casing around the coin so everyone's hand prints wouldn't be all over the coin. Otherwise, I love this coin and would love it even more if I can own it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Swiss Gold Francs

The Swiss Gold Francs are cherished worldwide for their fine gold content and excellent minting. Their value changes with the price of gold as each has a guarantee of 0.1867 troy oz pure gold. They are commonly referenced as world gold coins and are globally recognized over the British gold sovereigns and French gold francs.

The gold Swiss franc coin is one of the most popular gold coins traded in the global market place and recognized worldwide for it's gold content and value. Swiss francs can be ordered delivered to your door for physical possession by calling 1-877-962-1133 or buy gold online at

Saturday, July 30, 2011

British Gold Sovereign Coins

Gold Sovereign British Coins are one of the most popular gold coins available today as they are globally recognized and commonly traded on the international market. Gold has seen a huge increase in demand as countries, corporations and individuals have seen that currency from even then top countries have an uncertain future. The only known material to have a history of over 6000 years of value is gold. Gold may be the most likely form of trade to hedge against the unstable financial markets. World gold coins has become a diversified means of stability to include the Swiss franc, French franc and British Gold Sovereign.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Countdown to the Debt Ceiling: A special message from APMEX CEO, Michael Haynes

Gold is money. Dollars are fiat currency. Why do you bust your butt working for pieces of paper when in the future those pieces of paper will be worthless? You answer this question and you will answer your question.Buy Gold Bullion from the world's largest online precious metals dealer. The SECURITY of diversifying your assets, the STRENGTH of Competitive Prices and the PRIDE of dealing with a leader in Customer Satisfaction. It's Time to INVEST in REAL AMERICAN VALUES.Dont spend everything youve got, spend money that you will not need for a while, silver prices fluctuate massively. Ive spent money that i will not need to use & will not be selling my silver for a longtime. Apmex do some nice stuff, dont buy huge chunks of silver, start small with a few troy ounces & build up your knowledge before taking the plunge. You could ask for silver as Christmas/birthday gifts from family members.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buffalo Gold Coin Bullion

Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins - Call 1-(877)-962-1133 Buffalo gold coins are .9999 pure making it the purest of all the gold coins being minted today by the US government. This came in demand as it was recognized that the American Eagle Gold Coins did not equal the same content as the Canadian Maple Leaf and Austrian Gold.

While the American eagle gold coin is popular, it is not globally in demand as other countries that produce .9999 gold bullion. The Buffalo Gold Coin is .9999 gold and is internationally able to meet the demands of gold investors. If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell gold now or in the near future, contact Regal Assets at 1-877-962-1133 or visit them online at

Monday, July 25, 2011

Double Sided Two Headed Two Faced American Eagle Silver Dollar - Heads

Incredibly beautiful US American Eagle Silver Dollar coin made of pure silver and it's double sided! Win all your bets with this absolutely collectible coin. Also available in Tails or as a set!
From The Magical Rabbit

Sunday, July 24, 2011

American Silver Eagle Coins & Bullion

Silver American Eagles are my Favorite coins ever i love the look of a silver eagle much more than the canadian maple leaf! Great Episode! I started collecting American Silver Eagles last year and really love the coins.I had no Idea about the error in the U as discussed.Great factoid.Now I will have to go back and look at my coins to see if I have one with the error

American Silver & Gold Coins - US Silver & Gold coins have become one of the more popular forms of gold investment over the last decade. US Silver & Gold coins by law have to be minted to keep up with the public demand. In doing so Good proof coins and fractional gold has been suspended as the demand for the American Silver & Gold Eagle Coins have reached underrepresented interest due to an unstable US currency.

Gold is recognized by all countries and has been a form of trade for over 6000 years. China and India both have long term buying programs for their banks and encourage individuals to buy gold. As fiat currencies not backed by gold come under scrutiny the demand for gold increases.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

APMEX Gold and Silver coins & bullion - Review

Buyer reviews  buying experience from American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX) and give you the review you need to see before you buy. Overall they are decent site. I have bought alot from them. There is good and bad- Prices are good, packaging is great, website is good. The Bad-Payment options, shipping prices. I still use them..Indeed APMEX is cool!, Monarch Silver is great too! You dont find handmade-bars like they do em anymore
I have had NO problems with apmex with 10's of thousands worth of orders.... been very satisfied and their prices are good, shipping is quick, gentleman below needs to read the clearly defined rules about canceling orders..I pay the credit card charges, for the convenience. I am not looking at it as as much as investment but more insurance.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rare Liberty Gold Coin

Liberty gold coins were minted form 1849 to 1907 and are rare gold coins. Historically profitable record of favorable gains the Liberty head gold composition is made up of 90% percent gold and was used as official US Currency until 1933 when most gold coins were melted down during the great depression.

The gold content and the rarity of the coin gives it a higher value than say gold bullion that trades closer to the spot price of gold. It is the $20 liberty gold coin that is the most popular and demanded coin in this series due to its gold content and scarcity.

All that glitters isn't necessarily gold unless it's this magnificent addition to your collection - our $5 U.S. Liberty Gold Coin. This coin - also known as the Liberty Head Half Eagle .Certified graded coins always include that information in the product description you can access through the "Buy Now" link in the video description. If there isn't one listed, then it's not a certified coin or our vendor partner didn't provide us with that information.$10 Liberty Head Gold Coins | Buy Gold | Sell Gold at 1-866-775-3131 Short Video of the $10 Liberty Head Gold Coin. Browse all Gold Coins and other Precious Metals or set up a Gold IRA / 401k Rollover

Saturday, July 9, 2011

PAMP Suisse Gold Bars

Gold Bars by PAMP Suisse from Minted in Switzerland, these .9999 Gold Bullion Bars have incredible detail such as Assay Cards with matching serial numbers (Bar and Card), weight, purity, and holograms. Scottsdale Silver offers these in different denominations such as 1 oz gold bars, 5 and 10 Gram Gold Bars. Investors looking for the best quality in precious metals, these what you've been looking. These do qualify for Retirement Accounts. (see for more detail on Gold IRA's, Silver can also be put into IRA) PAMP Suisse 1 kilo Silver Bars come packaged in a black plastic box, each containing 15 bars. love those PAMP bars!
Hey Scottsdale, start shipping to CANADA!

APMEX Gold Bars

APMEX American Precious Metals Exchange .9999 Fine Gold Bars and are available in sizes from 1 gram to 1 ounce. Investors find our APMEX Gold Bars are often more economical than other gold bars, yet they have the same purity and fineness.I've done business with these guys, the service is A+ and products are great. Buy gold while it's cheap now

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The best way to buy gold & silver - James Turk

James Turk : ...when you are accumulating gold you are saving sound money , savings are always a good thing and it is particularly good when you are saving sound money as you are preserving your purchasing power over a long period of time , you are accumulating wealth in that regard , the key question is , is gold still a good value and even if the price has relatively rising quite a bit gold is still undervalued , the policy this decade of still continue accumulating still holds it is still valid ....

Secure: GoldMoney® enables you to hold gold, silver & platinum that is fully insured and stored securely in specialised bullion vaults in Zurich and London. All metal is owned directly by you with no counterparty risk.

•Convenient: Easily buy gold, silver & platinum and take delivery of physical bars of gold. Use GoldMoney's patented technology to make goldgram® payments.

•Trusworthy: Since 2001, thousands of individuals have used GoldMoney to buy gold, silver and platinum to protect their wealth from today's financial uncertainties. Our industry-leading procedures set new standards for governance and customer protection.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Chinese Silver Panda Coin

China Silver Panda Bullion Coins , if you are going to buy Chinese Pandas you should at least know what you are doing cause the Chinese Pandas are heavily counterfeited .Another purchase of silver from a Chinese precious metals dealer. These are some of the nicest quality silver coins out there and the premiums reflect that fact. Over time Chinese Panda coins increase in value very nicely, since there are not nearly as many minted vs. U.S. Silver Eagles. The key is to keep buying a little at a time to add to your investment. Why put your money in a bank? You get no return on investment and you help bankers be more irresponsible with your wealth. Remember, it's not so important how much you paid for your silver in spot price.... It's how many ounces you have when the game finally ends.....
Chinese and Australian silver is expensive American eagles are cheaper

Monday, July 4, 2011

Australian Koala Silver Coin

1oz Australian Koala silver bullion coins 2007 to 2011 Nice looking silver bullion coins but I would stay away from government issued "legal tender" with a "face value." You pay high premiums and the government owns them, you just hold them. .Numis Network Presents an entertaining and educational video about the 2011 Australian Silver Koala coin.Who can resist the endearing and loveable Australian Koala? With a design that changes yearly, it is easy to understand why the Silver Koala is a favorite of collectors, both young and old alike. 2011 finds two cuddly koalas sitting on adjacent tree branches. Exquisitely frosted, the delicate design on the table of this year's coin enhances the koala's shiny likeness.I prefer the 2010 Koala. I chose not to buy the 2011 1 kg or 1 oz coins.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Copper and Zinc Pennies

I have saved a whole lot of copper pennies both US and Canadian over the years. Recently went to a coin dealer to ask what they might be worth. Not much because the price of uncirculated rolls for most dates is a small premium over face. The value of the copper doesn't come into it presumably because it is very illegal to melt legal tender coins. Therefore the "real" value can not be realized. Nonetheless the "real" value is there and I am not getting rid of my pennies even though they are very You can bounce them if you don;t feel like weighing. The coppers ring and the zincs go plunk. They look and feel different to. I think the coppers need to disappear from circulation before they are worth something, so keep mining.

I always mark my dump rolls with a Z for zinc, so if you come across one do me a favor and check through it. Make sure I didn't miss any. :-)

mostly 3.1 grams for the "real" pennies--did this a few months ago-about 1/3 of pennies from the bank are pre 1982 95% cooper-- did manage to separate $25 worth of 95% copper pennies which i think is $40 worth of copper. Easy to do when watching aimless TV or Endlessmountain--ha ha just kidding. Good point on the pennies--a copper peny saved is MORE THAN a penny earned.

I call the Zinc pennies the "fake" ones.


P.S. I always buy some copper when I put in a Silver order.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Buy Silver and Buy it now on dips

Buy Silver , Silver is poorman's Gold .gold and silver has been outperforming stocks for a long time now - silver outperforming gold with 350% profit since 2002...Silver to become a rare earth metal , it is Extremely undervalued. Silver to become extinct by year 2020 according to geologists only 300 millions ounces left! Silver is consumable industry metal it is used up : 95% gold ever found is still around 75% of silver is a by-product of mining other metal only 25% is primary product of mining,In 1480 the price of one ounce of Silver was equal to one ounce of Gold, Low supply, high demand Price to skyrocket get your silver and stay long! What really matters about precious metals is that unlike paper money, they retain their purchasing power no matter what the prices may be at any given point in time. Whether $230.00 an once or $2300.00 an once Gold will purchase as much as always and more. Fiat currencies will always purchase less and less until you need a wheel-barrel load just to buy a loaf of bread. Don't believe me? Just check your history books. May God bless us all with wisdom and understanding.another thing, its an industrial metal used in clothes, mobile phones, deodorants, medication etc. It is running out and is in fact currently rarer than gold. The price is suppressed by the FED also, but that won't last forever when demand far outweighs production

In the 80's stock market crash, silver hit $350 an ounce (inflation adjusted).

The "elite" is fooling us to buy stocks that doesn't even outperform inflation, and that only looks good because of inflation. They don't want us to own things that are out of the reach of their dollar - in fact, they've been confiscating it before!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Perth Mint - 10 Kilo Silver Bullion Coin

I just bought mine and won't open it up just keep it sealed so if I sell it the buyer will get it just as I did from the Perth Mint. Check it out on Ebay. I wish the video included the pressing, and wonder what the other "hours" of work to make the coin perfect. I guess polishing etc. I had the ten kilo tiger but sold it, so had to hop right over to the rabbit. My listing is under RICKSNEWSTORE on Ebay.I am glad Europeans appreciate enjoy these stunning minted works of art. American coin collectors are so cynical about these things. All they care about is investment...not the beauty of the coin. If the price is more than a few bucks over melt, US coin collectors are ready criticize.

A spectacular investment coin weighing 10 kilograms has been released by The Perth Mint. Made from 99.9% pure silver, the large Australian Lunar bullion release celebrates the 2011 Year of the Rabbit. This video shows part of the production process involved in making such a large Australian legal tender coin. Limited to a maximum mintage of 500, it can be purchased at while stocks last.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Silver Chinese Panda 2011

Silver Chinese Panda 2011 III : Premiums in China are high as the demand is high . There are two types of 2011 Panda Coins. One with big eyes and the others have smaller shaped eyes. I am not certain that these are error coins or if it may be one mint producing big eyes while the others are producing normal.I have 2 Chinese Panda's (2011 and 2010) and I really like them. They are quite beautiful. However they do carry a premium here in the States. Enough so I treat them a little more like collectors coins than bullion. For just holding silver I bought some Silver Eagles and Silver Maples.Imagine if the Pound Sterling was still One Troy Pound (12 Troy Ounces) of .925 Sterling Silver !!!!!! (About 240 of the current fiat pounds.) How much petrol would that buy?

Perth Mint 2011 Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Launch

Buy Gold and Silver now and get paid .The silver Koala is beautiful! Nice! 2011 Kookaburra will be mine. 2011 years is very bold. great bullion !! No doubt about it!! It great that they have Chinese lunar series. My only disappointment is that Elizabeth II's head is on every one. Leave the damn monarchy behind people! -- In this video, The Perth Mint unveils the designs for its 2011 Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Program. Issued as Australian legal tender, these gold and silver coins are for investors who want to buy bullion and collectors who want precious metal coins with annual design changes. Struck from 99.99% pure gold or 99.9% pure silver in a wide variety of sizes, the Program comprises the Australian Kangaroo, Australian Kookaburra, Australian Koala and Australian Lunar coin series.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Apmex Silver Fractionals Unboxing

Apmex Silver Fractionals Unboxing Apmex sent me some silver fractional rounds. Get em over at Apmex . During the Oklahoma Floods of 2010, one of my APMEX orders was slow and no one at APMEX was answering the phone. I was getting worried until my phone rang one Saturday morning and it was a Vice President of APMEX who told me that the area was flooded nobody had been able to get to work for days.
He was the only one at APMEX (a canoe trip maybe?) and he took time to call me to respond to my voice mails. I was impressed that a VP would call a customer. Apmex is a good Company

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scottsdale Silver Stacker 10 oz Bar

One of the finest silver bullion bars available: The Scottsdale Stacker®, only from Scottsdale Silver.10 Troy Ounces of .999 Pure Silver .when you are looking to make a larger quantity purchase some local shops won't have the supply available. I research the big name online bullion shops and I liked what I saw in Scottsdale. They had a reasonable spot+ price and free shipping. I also liked the look of their product as well as how they source their silver using green recycling methods. If you have a good local shop that has good pricing I would say to use them. I promote keeping small businesses busy.there are a bunch of great places that have really good deals on silver all the time. by this I mean keeping the premiums under a dollar over spot. If I was in you position I would keep doing research about what kind of silver (rounds, bars, numismatics or bullion) and find a quantity you feel comfortable investing in and then take the jump. I bought a few weeks back before the correction when silver was around this same price.

Monday, June 20, 2011

American Gold Eagle Coins | US Gold Coins (Gold coins)

The American Gold Eagle bullion coin and the collector American Eagle gold coins (proofs and burnished uncirculated).The fact is they contain 31.103 grams (1 troy oz) of pure gold, and weigh 33.930 grams. The American gold buffalo coin is .9999 and weighs 31.103 grams. I guess I don't understand what you mean... do you think the gold eagles don't actually contain the gold they say? Sounds like something China would do, not the US. I don't know though these days. A $50 American Gold Eagle weighs 1.0909 oz; Therefore, 91% gold is equivalent to 1 oz. The other 9% comes from harder metals because gold is a soft metal.We discuss how the Gold American Eagle coin came into being and what to collect as a coin collector and what to invest in if you are just look for gold bullion.American Gold Coins .US Gold coins have become one of the more popular forms of gold investment over the last decade. US gold coins by law have to be minted to keep up with the public demand. In doing so Good proof coins and fractional gold has been suspended as the demand for the American Gold Eagle Coins have reached underrepresented interest due to an unstable US currency. Gold is recognized by all countries and has been a form of trade for over 6000 years. China and India both have long term buying programs for their banks and encourage individuals to buy gold. As fiat currencies not backed by gold come under scrutiny the demand for gold increases

Careful. American Gold Eagles can be easily counterfeited. It could fool even an expert. The counterfeiters use a tungsten core which has practically the same density as gold
The obverse design magnificent. The reverse design simply atrocious. The design is too cluttered which Augustus Saint Gaudens consciously avoided the first time he conceived the design for the gold $20 piece. The gold bullion design only cheapens the striding lady liberty design and a mismatch for the glorious obverse design. I would simply call this modern coins a mule, devoid of artistic value.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Investing in Bullion Gold and Silver Coins

US Gold and Silver Advisors, talk about some of the advantages to purchasing gold and silver coins - of which are not just a commodity but a money source.
APMEX is NOT a good place to buy from right now...APMEX absolutely has the highest premiums of anywhere i can find other than ebay... They are selling Silver Eagles for 6.80 over spot!!!! Better yet is the fact you won't have your silver in hand until close to the end of the month. Go to your local coin shops folks, if you can't then do some searching because there are WAY better deals than APMEX.Premiums at APMEX is probably one of the highest..

Friday, June 17, 2011

Silver american eagle monster box

American Silver Bullion coins are a favorite with collectors around the world. Every year the inventory from the U.S. Mint sells out .This is a video of opening a 2010 Silver Eagle Monster Box that I purchased.still buying a bit here and there. I don't really need anymore to be honest, I've got as much as I want. If we have a large pull back to a point that the price is in the 30's I will buy more. I am however going to convert my ETF's into physical as I want to hold them for a long period of time, ETF's are paper silver so it is a good idea to sell them before the mass public get into silver and start collapsing the silver funds, physical is what you want for long term (1 year+)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to invest in Numismatic Coins

Unless you are an expert in Numismatic Coins , stay the hell away or you will get burned.Gold and Silver Bullion is all you need anyway.Bob Chapman : Numismatic Coins have great potential , their time will come The Time for Numismatic Coins will come says Bob Chapman of the International forecaster , Numismatic Coins are collectors coins , Bob Chapman owns personally the Numismatic Coins and he thinks that as long there is a low premium on the Numismatic Coins they are a good investment , last time around between 1977 and 1981 the prices went from $500 to $5000 per coin so the potential for Numismatic Coins is large because you get less than one percent of the people in the world and in the United States in Gold and Silver including Numismatic Coins now when that will become 15 percent they are not going to buy bullion coins and gold and silver shares and that includes shares too says Bob Chapman , but they are gonna buy other products and that would be Numismatic Coins as well , so their time will come ..there 's good values there ...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Detect a Fake Silver Eagle Coins

Fake Silver Eagle Coins Silver eagle Coin fraud is an unfortunate reality of coin collecting, but it's easy to educate yourself about fake silver coins and coin fraud subjects. This article teaches out how to spot fake silver eagle coins .Important to remember that scales are only so accurate, if your weighing something check the accuracy of your scales, the error could be any thing from +/- 1g to +/- 0.001g depending on the quality of your scales!If your scales says it weighs 30g but has an error of +/- 1g, the actual weight could be any where between 29g and 31g.The scammers are getting smarter....there are some fakes out there that will weigh in at 31.1 grams...they are starting to make the coins slightly thicker to make up the can probably spot the fakes in person if you know your coins or have a real coin to compare with...but...many people are getting ripped off on ebay with these and it's virtually impossible to spot a fake based on the suppliers picture....buyers beware!

have a new delivery-sealed Monster Box of 2010 Eagles. I also have some 2009s from sealed boxes. All the coins show a few 1/100 ths of a gram variation from the specified book weight. All coins show this kind of variation, Eagles, Maples, Libertad, Phillie's

To suggest any Eagle that is sightly out from the book weight is a fake is highly irresponsible, for it is simply untrue and peopl e could lose money thinking they have fakes which are rea

Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Majestic Silver

I unbox a shipment of 50 troy ounces of silver from First Majestic Silver.  Price paid for the silver was $24.00 USD an ounce regardless of the denomination of silver fee for using credit card with first majestic silver, shipping times are slow right now 2-3 weeks till delivery. a $1000 order costs $29 shipping for me in Manitoba

Silver Maple Leaf Box Of 1 Oz Bullion Silver Coins

Let's Get YOUR Silver Snowball Rolling! Silver Snowball is the simplest and BEST way to accumulate silver! This video will show you how Silver Snowball works. I'm committed to seeing you succeed.!! Silver Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) bullion coins for sale online. US precious metals coin dealer buying & selling Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. Monster Boxes of brand new 1 oz uncirculated Mapleleaf coins are available. Other hard money options for collectors & investors include, American Eagles, Perth Mint coins, Ohio Precious Metals, JM, NTR Metals, Academy, Sunshine Minting, A-mark, Johnson Matthey, Silvertowne, 1oz, 10oz, 100oz bars, 1 Oz generic & Buffalo rounds. The minimum we will purchase or sell is 500 Oz of Silver. We are available to take new orders on all holidays and every weekend, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We only ship within the U S A and offer free overnight shipping. 20 oz minimum gold orders or 500 ounces of silver. The purchase of coins or bullion items is highly speculative and involves substantial risk. We do not know if the market for precious metals is going up or down. We think you should buy or sell what you want, when you want. At the Tulving Company we are bullion order takers. We have no commissioned salesmen. In 2010 our precious metal sales were over 370 million.

Silver is too cheap compared to gold and is a buy. Eleven months ago it took 85 ounces of silver to buy an ounce of gold. Since then the ratio has come down in favor of silver. Now it only takes 61 ounces of silver to buy an ounce of gold. Silver is still too cheap compared to gold. At the end of 2007 it took only 45 ounces of silver to buy an ounce of gold. I think we are headed in that direction again.Silver usually moves in tandem with gold, but last year it fell more than gold. Now it’s leading gold on the way up. Silver still has a ways to go and the current silver to gold ratio stands at 61 to 1 and the ratio is too high. Silver is a buy.Recently, the Chinese announced that they are buying silver, and they are very savvy investors. If China's doing it, it won’t be long before all of Asia follows. Now is the time for you to buy your physical silver while the price is still low and while there is availability. Last year at this time the market was oversold and long delays and huge premiums were common. It starting to happen againl. It is a good idea to buy your silver now while you can still get it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

20 Reasons to BUY Silver

It's absolutely impossible for silver to crash anywhere near like in the 80's - China would buy all the silver in the markets in one swoop... The gooberment would never let that happen.Don't forget Morgan's front man whose officially ON OBAMAS administration.the SLV/GLD will not be "broken" by an overwhelming number of requests to deliver physical. Weir says on the one hand that the prospectuses are full of holes and people who invest in it are fools, but then I hear him say a few minutes later that SLV/GLD will fail and crash. It's just not gonna happen, folks. I agree that people should buy physical PMs, but to claim that because SLV/GLD don't have the physical to deliver, so they will die, is mistaken.

i'm a huge silver bull, but the government is never going to change the rules and screw jpmorgan over... jpmorgan is not the hunt brothers. not going to happen... if anything they're going to change the rules to screw the longs. the government and the banks are on the same team

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Engelhard Silver Bars

A 10 oz. Engelhard silver bar comes sealed in plastic and on the back of the bar along the edge it looks like someone ran it against a grinding wheel and or shaved along the rim. 100-oz silver bars are uniform in shape, which means they are easy to stack and store..999 fine silver bars are a convenient way for investors to invest in silver Just a quick reference you may be interested in looking at before you start investing in silver bullion of your own. Here is the list of people i follow: Ted Butler, Michael Maloney (will study anything and everything that this man writes or says), check out the silver news and updates website: , Jim Rogers , Peter Schiff , David Morgan - This video shows the various 10 oz Engelhard Silver Bars and a quick History of this classic Precious Metals Refiner. FreedomMeister also talks about Government Debt Levels, GDP (gross domestic product), Unfunded Liabilities and how to....BE AWARE OF THINGS, LEARN FROM HISTORY & STAY FREE!

Monday, June 6, 2011

2010 Silver American Eagle Bullion Coins

Silver American Eagle Bullion Coins . Pictured, a bunch of BU 2010s .I'm thrilled to share my Silver American Eagle coin collection with you. I discuss an individual 2008 Silver Eagle and also a US Mint Tube of 20 2007 Silver American Eagles. Silver Eagles are perhaps the best way to invest in silver bullion.Gold has been in the spotlight over the last few years (and I totally love gold and am still investing in gold) but at this point I view silver as almost the better investment. Why? It hasn't risen quite as quickly in value and I feel like it has so much further to go!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Silver Granules

Silver granules are only method of investing silver in Asian countries. Most Asian countries don't issue silver bullion coins for people to invest. Silver granules are relatively cheap.Although those are cheap with low premium, I think selling those to someone might be difficult. I prefer govt minted coins .The price of silver has been manipulated since 1878. When Hyperinflation hits and people demand the physical delivery the true price and ratio will come more into reality. People may find that 1 oz of silver should be worth well over the current $20.00 right now. Think about it, Silver is consumed, and not recovered, in INDUSTRY while gold accumulates.Also remember that under hyperinflation the silver price will skyrocket in terms of paper dollars, but in terms of bread/food it will probably remain the same to what it is now. So its really unnecessary to have anything under 1 oz of silver in my opinion.

I poured my granules on the floor. So I lost maybe three pieces of sliver granules. A slver granule is so small ,round and easy to be lost. I found only granule after two months on my floor.

Monday, May 30, 2011

What is Junk Silver?

Junk Silver in the numismatic circle refers to worn circulated silver coins. These are circulated worn coins and do not have any collector value BUT, the value lies in the silver content. The price of junk silver is now commandind a small premium about spot. It used to be cheap. You could get them below spor price but not anymore .Junk silvers can still be found in pocket change. Keep collecting because Silver price is still going up. Jefferson nickel does not have any silver. Only those "Wartime" (1942 (partial) -1945) and it has only 35% silver. But continue looking. That's part of the fun. You might want to try the flea market for a bargain. Have fun ,all nickles and dimes before 65 have silver in them Only war nickels (1942-1945) has 35% silver. And they silver is bounded with magnesium (?) makes it harder to extract the silver, most buyers wouldn't mess with them.
Best deal is pre-1965 dimes, quarters, half dollars, Morgan & Peace dollars and the 1964 Kennedy halve dollar all 90% silver.The 40% Kennedy & Eisenhower coins are good, just takes more of them. I got burned a lot starting out buying coins.

Why buy Gold and Silver vs Holding Dollars

Why buy Gold and Silver vs Holding Dollars Some basic information as to why people are converting some of their dollars to physical gold and silver. It explains some basic history of gold and why printing money out of thin air is helping physical gold and silver go up in value.I look around on the prices among well known companies.(NWT, APMEX, Kitko, etc, etc..) I've noticed MANY would cost us HIGH in total. MOST has minimum order like $1000.00 or 50 oz, plus some time S/H charge. Then depending on your payment method, your bank will also charge you their service fee. Today the spot price is about $43/oz. It would cost you about $60 / total. If you buy them from eBay or flea Market, got to watch out since so many Chinese fakes are going around.

Our nation is the largest debtor nation with over 14.3 Trillion dollars in official debt. The only move our government can do is to inflate away our debts. We print so many dollars that the money eventually becomes worthless. Inflation is bad for creditors, but good for debtors. If we deflate the currency, economic growth will slow down. Foreclosures and Bankruptcies would go up. Our nation has past the point of no return. The best thing we can do is to prepare ourselves.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to Buy silver, gold bullion bars, coins, ingots

Recently visiting eBay and also hearing of some very overpriced gold and silver purchases, I wanted to offer my opinion on buying physical gold and silver. This video explains how to get real gold and silver at the best price "over spot." You might also want to try pawn shops, I purchased 50 oz over a period of months, each purchase was below spot price. Not all pawn shops have silver bullion, some do, call ahead and Good Hunting!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where To Buy Silver and Gold

Where To Buy Silver and Gold

Where to buy gold and silver?
Check out

Most trusted places are...

Other recommended shops (I have not purchased from)

The ammount of reported "found" gold on this planet can only fill an olympic size pool say, 16 ft high? that`s not alot. Everybody & their mother is buying gold like crazy. Mostly certificates. Now, How is it, with ALL the big shot investors in the world, there are any scraps for us to buy, EVER? Something smells. Why is gold being used to plate cheap cosmetic jewlry & such if it is soooo valueable? Gold may make u money today, but has no value. Only consumables.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How TO Buy Silver Bullion

Bron Suchecki, The Perth Mint's Manager, Analysis and Strategy, presents a beginner's guide to buying gold and silver bullion in this three-part series recorded at the 2010 ANDA Coin Show in Sydney. Bron begins with a brief look at why investors buy precious metals before discussing the benefits of bullion bars with some great advice on how to check the best brands.As a Government owned company, The Perth Mint's indpendent audit is overseen by the Auditor General of the Western Australian Government.Whatever form you decide on when investing in silver, make sure it’s a purity of .999 fine silver whether buying bullion from a bullion dealer, coin shop, or Ebay.
Silver 100 oz. Bars & Silver 10 oz. Bars . Johnson Matthey 100 oz. Silver Bullion Bar .
If you want 100 oz. Silver Bars, or bar bullion, (also in 10 oz Silver Bars) to preserve value, go with J.M.s (Johnson Matthey), Engelhard, Sunshine Minting, U.S. Assay, A-Mark, Silvertowne, and APMEX bars. These brands are good because they are well known and trusted and have a stamp of authenticity (and they stack well in safe!).

Bars are good because they have the narrowest bid/ask spread among bullion investments.