Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Silver Coin Minting Process

Coin Minting Process - Quality Silver Bullion Minting Tour I have bought 400 oz. from QSB...very good quality, none are under 1 oz. if my scale is correct. I highly recommend this company since they weigh the coins individually to make sure they are not under weight. However this company should not only make rounds but also bars. Many people prefer bars instead of rounds ,I think 10oz bars would be worth the hassle people love 10oz on ebay they scramble to get the JM,wallstreet, apmex and perth..Personally I only buy maple leaf at the moment, because it's 99.99 rather than 99.90. To me, four 9s always beats three 9s. (as like full house beats three of a kind).Now remember that this is bullion grade and is usually made and purchased in high quantities. A collectors piece usually has a limited quantity and costs a lot more per piece. As an investor, it usually isn't the best idea to purchase collector's pieces because of the high prices.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012 Canadian Moose Silver coin Wildlife Series

This is the fourth coin released as part of the Royal Canadian Mint's Wildlife Series. As with the Wolf, Grizzly and Cougar, this is a great bullion coin with numismatic value also. Mintage was stated to be only one million coins. It is also contains one ounce of .9999 fine silver. Most coins from other countries are only .999 fine. If you're a bullion or coin collector, I highly recommend adding this coin to your collection. It can currently be purchased for only a few dollars over spot but be forewarned, last year's Wolf & Grizzly coins are now priced significantly over spot.

2012 Canadian Moose Silver coin (Wildlife Series) Description: Grade: Brilliant Uncirculated Denomination: $5 Diameter: 38 mm Thickness: 3.29 mm

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Silver Bullion | World Trade Silver (Dutch Auction Exclusive Design)

Silver Bullion | World Trade Silver (Dutch Auction Exclusive Design)

GOLD AND SILVER CRASH! DONT WORRY ITS ONLY PAPER! I think the derivatives market is about to unravel ....... Why is this paper silver legal? Because the Banksters rule the world... Irrational policies (Laws) become common place in a system which is based on irrationality. Short answer...the dogma known as "Government" leads to such non-sense. Merely claiming "the banksters" as many people will try to do is only a result of the problem - not the problem...Government is the suppressing the price of silver/gold in a downward trend, it builds confidence in the paper currency. Kind of a "morale booster" for the American population. Some people can see the handwriting on the wall (like china, Russia, India etc. who are now hoarding gold and silver and refuse to purchase oil with dollars anymore). If I were king for a day in this exact scenario, it'd probably do the same thing. It's every man for himself.I'm not selling, I'm a buyer and keeper. buy buy buy .This is a buying opportunity BIG TIME. STACK, STACK, STACK

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


People already know that copper is valuable, just look at all the copper theft that goes on. If and when a crisis happens, people will be collecting, hoarding and trading all the metals in my opinion. Nickel was up over $13.00 a pound just this morning. Nickel definitely has value and can be traded. 90/10 silver coins are a great way to aquire silver. you can still buy junk silver coins for melt. The dealers buy them for about 14-16 times face value and sell them for melt. 90% silver coins are quite popular. I long for the days when you could buy Kennedy Halves all day long for melt. That was 4-5 years ago. Now its anywhere from $2 to $6 over spot. People are paying a whopping 40% premium on Ebay. Junk Silver Bags can be purchased at APMEX. I would stay away from copper and stick with silver and gold. If you are concerned about barter buy 90% Silver.

Copper and Silver could work very well together as money in an economic collapse. I don't think just silver or gold will be used in a situation as that. I think Gold, silver and copper will be used together. Silver bullion and copper bullion I believe would be used for common transactions. Both silver and copper are useful as trade units if pressed into coin form. If we entered into a hyperinflationary enviroment the countries that hold dollar reserves would be looking for something to trade the dollar for and I believe it will be copper, oil etc. Copper is priced in dollars so as our dollar is debased the price of copper will rise as well. A dollar collapse would cause prices of all commodities to sky rocket. Food riots, hoarding etc. Preppers should prepare for every scenario and copper bullion can't hurt.