Friday, September 19, 2014

Gold and Silver INSANITY! How to invest WISELY in 2014-2015

Gold and Silver INSANITY! How to invest WISELY in 2014-2015. The hidden inflation due to the Fed and Government destroying the value of the dollar may very well lead to hyper inflation. Currently the Best Way to Buy GOLD is to have it in your possession physically, IMO. This includes Silver as well. The market may raise another 10% before a correction, and this is what seduces people. The big money is waiting for the large majority on the sidelines to jump in and that is when they crash will happen. But does this mean you should buy Gold and Silver without THINKING? What PERCENTAGE of your portfolio should it make up? Gold and Silver Bugs may be accumulating a massive percentage but DIVERSIFICATION is still the most important thing you can do to preserve your Wealth. History does not bode well for people that put ALL of their eggs in one basket. Learn about Diversification and how to allocate for your personal portfolio. Learn about the Markets and how to invest correctly for YOU, and then continue to be adaptable to market fluctuations LONG TERM. DIVERSIFY!