Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where to Buy Gold & Silver

Not only are the Silver Eagles and Maples Leafs Government minted bullion. They are also collector coins and have numismatic value. Really a win, win for investors with two ways to profit.Gold coins, bars, rounds & even jewelery are in a recognizable form and marked by an assayer so everyone knows exatly what it is - its like a guarantee. Sellers and buyers will know exactly what they are at a glance. Nobody will want to bother testing each flake to check that each one is real. That makes it a bad investment. the Maple leafs are .9999, very pure ,buy real silver and watch the news : JP Morgan will no longer exist because we the people buy gold and silver. JP Morgan is shorting silver, is NAKED shorting silver.

The most common questions after learning about gold and silver are "How?" and "What form of Bullion should I buy?" I invest in bullion coins only (ASE's & Peace/Morgan dollars. I place no value of one particular coin over the others.

I see them as shares in a particular stock, the ASE's are 1st tier shares and the Peace/Morgans are 2nd tier.

I calculate their value as a whole, to find the "personal rate of return", just as a 401k would be calculated...

But I do have a single favorite, a very good condition Peace Dollar, This one coin I set aside from the others, she is flawless and beautiful.