Wednesday, May 2, 2012


People already know that copper is valuable, just look at all the copper theft that goes on. If and when a crisis happens, people will be collecting, hoarding and trading all the metals in my opinion. Nickel was up over $13.00 a pound just this morning. Nickel definitely has value and can be traded. 90/10 silver coins are a great way to aquire silver. you can still buy junk silver coins for melt. The dealers buy them for about 14-16 times face value and sell them for melt. 90% silver coins are quite popular. I long for the days when you could buy Kennedy Halves all day long for melt. That was 4-5 years ago. Now its anywhere from $2 to $6 over spot. People are paying a whopping 40% premium on Ebay. Junk Silver Bags can be purchased at APMEX. I would stay away from copper and stick with silver and gold. If you are concerned about barter buy 90% Silver.

Copper and Silver could work very well together as money in an economic collapse. I don't think just silver or gold will be used in a situation as that. I think Gold, silver and copper will be used together. Silver bullion and copper bullion I believe would be used for common transactions. Both silver and copper are useful as trade units if pressed into coin form. If we entered into a hyperinflationary enviroment the countries that hold dollar reserves would be looking for something to trade the dollar for and I believe it will be copper, oil etc. Copper is priced in dollars so as our dollar is debased the price of copper will rise as well. A dollar collapse would cause prices of all commodities to sky rocket. Food riots, hoarding etc. Preppers should prepare for every scenario and copper bullion can't hurt.