Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Buy Vat-free / Tax-free silver

Survive The Financial Crisis Crash - Buy Vat-free / Tax-free silver

This video gives you a condensed overview of these topics:

- Bail-in: All EU & US bank depositors will have to cover their failings banks
- Pensions and savings: Are your money safe?
- Why are we so much in debt?
- The origin of our banking system
- Paper currency vs Real Money - Silver & Gold
- Why silver and gold is insurance in the coming collapse
- Why silver has the most upside potential

Western media and politicians would have you believe that the financial crisis is going away, but are at the same time concealing the real economic data, showing that real national debt loads, unemployment and inflation is far higher than reported.

The stockmarket has toppend and is going down, the housemarket is declining and the banks will be saved by your deposit - even if under 100.000 Euro / Dollars.

This false perception has been supported by historically high printing of paper money, causing the consumer to believe that he can make his way out by cheap loans.

Meantime the national banks, big investment banks are rapidly buying all the silver and gold they can in preparation for a collapsing debt based fiat currency system.

Silver is the everyman's gold. Investors all around the world are worried about the weakening US dollar and already imagine a day when the world's reserve currency will be worthless. Throughout history, whenever the value of fiat currencies became unreliable, governments and citizens turned to the stability of precious metals to transact day-to-day business. But gold's high value-to-weight makes it impractical for daily transactions. Silver, on the other hand, is a very convenient medium of exchange.

Silver is a valuable industrial material. Because silver conducts heat and electricity better than any metal on earth, more than half of annual global silver production is destined for industrial use. Even in the midst of a Western economic downturn, industrial silver demand from emerging markets is projected to hit new highs in the coming years.

Silver is undervalued relative to gold. Back when paper currencies were actually backed by precious metals, the historic ratio of the value of an ounce of silver to an ounce of gold was about 16:1. Recently, that ratio has stood around 61:1. Given today's gold prices, if silver were to realign with its historic ratio, it would be worth over $60/oz! If you think gold has yet to find its ceiling, there is good reason to believe silver's rally will be even more dramatic.