Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to Buy and Store Silver

Do NOT let anyone store your silver and precious metals. Do it yourself. Buy an expensive safe and locate it under your house. Do not tell people you have it. Precious metals are the way to store your hard earned wealth. Do NOT let it sit in banks or in stocks. Keep as metal. Silver, gold and platinum - buy as stamped bullion at the cheapest price (not numismatic coins). Don't waste money on shipping fees - pick it up yourself. Best of all - don't trust companies. Trust metal.
Apmex. They have great prices, the site is easy to use,there are no hidden fees and they ship fast. I suggest that you stick with rounds. Hold off on the bars, : (updated) US Government declares WAR on Gold and Silver owners! He is very good and will talk about the bars and our government. You will want: Canadian Maple Leaf, Silver American Eagles, Australian coins also. Stay away from Chinas coins, there have been probs' with fakes going around .Also, invest in some junk silver. 90% Check out eBay, but be careful. They have gone a little nuts lately. Esp. with postage fees. But there are still some good deals there.You just wanted the metal in your hot hands. And ..thats what its comes down to. These metals are long term investments. Silver is depleting and money printing is causing gold to skyrocket. Either way..up up up. Don't waste time

Silver Bullion vs Real Estate

It took 816 oz of silver to buy a median 3 bed family home in the USA in 1980 during silver's peak. I totally feel it is not only possible, but probable that we will be able to do that again & for 500 oz or less! There are so many factors now that were not around in 1980's: the Fed's crazy QE strategy, the world-wide market that now can buy silver with a few clicks on their computers, the low remaining above-ground inventory of silver, the manipulation of silver's price by the banks, etc. etc.

The FED is printing so much money than the commodities and precious metals are rising, I think is very likely that a single family home will cost the 500 ounces soon .Nothings lasts forever... The dollar will be gone if inflation continues. What matters is the real value in terms of gold. You wanna buy real estate and the like when it's cheap relative to precious metals, but when the cycle turns and things reaches the floor - and it will -, precious metals will lose its relative value to real estate. That's when you get the cheapest ticket for the next move in the real estate train or stocks train. Always remember Buy low, sell high .Everything is cyclical so you want to sell your silver, or in this case trade in for a cash flowing property, before the precious metals market goes down. That will happen when the USD is restructured or a new reserve currency emerges. Until then, the US is going to print money until they run out of trees... get silver/gold before the average people get wind of what's going on.