Thursday, April 28, 2011

Buying and Investing in Silver Bullion, Save yourself from Inflation

I read Michael Maloney's book. An excellent read. I recommend anyone that's just getting into precious metals read it. I gave it to my dad in hopes he will wake the hell up and start stacking some himself.The American silver eagle is the official bullion coin of the united states, and was first minted by the united states mint in 1986. It is minted only in 1 troy oz (ounce) .999 fine silver rounds, Silver eagles are in very high demand in these uncertain economic times so start your silver snowball rolling today to start receiving your very own residual income of silver eagle coins, Don't wait until it's to late - get in while silver is still affordable!the best investment for me is the Canadian maple leaf for has the highest premium the puriest off all coins and it been recognized all over the world.and it's my opinion smaller the better.if the economy goes down i don't see myself going to the grocery store to buy food with a 1 kilo bar.i know it's a drastic situation but just an example.keep investing because you never know what's going to happen the next day.
I still suggest trading some of those big bars in for some fractional silver. Even if you don't use it for food during Hyperinflation, it will be hard to sell a $30,000 bar.  Happy Stacking

Looking at the % rises over the past 12 months silvers been approaching a 40% increase and gold significantly less than this. My £$ is on silver all the time every time, its also much less expensive when i want to buy a little so im going to keep buying and its great to hold a ten ounce bar or a kilo which is something i wont be in a position to do with gold. Im going to keep putting the presure on my familt members to take the plunge! Wish me luck...
In this video I go over the different silver I have and why I got into silver eagles with silver snowball, I seriously believe that silver is the ONLY way to go to not only protect your money but also make you ALOT of money when inflation or even hyperinflation hits. Something I forgot to mention in the video is the reason Zimbabwe went into a hyper inflation is because their government thought they could solve their money troubles just by printing more and more money, sound familiar to anyone? Maybe those in America?

Silver snowball is the easiest way to get vast amounts of silver eagle coins. My first month with silver snowball I received 3 bonus silver eagle coins just by introducing other people to silver snowball. My second month hasn't even finished yet my I'm already up to 6 bonus silver eagle coins.