Saturday, January 18, 2014

Buy silver, gold bullion bars, coins, ingots, bitcoin litecoin, feathercoin in the UK

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With the financial markets in turmoil, silver in decline (harder to get) and the strength of the Pound (Sterling) and dollar Dropping; Physical silver and Gold Bullion are our only 100% safe Places to protect our money. With inflation at a confirmed 5.2% Average, your money in the bank will Not beat real inflation (if you are lucky enough to get over 5.2% interest paid by the bank).

Most bank accounts offer lower than this interest rate and then you have income tax to pay on this interest. We all know now that no matter how large a bank is, none are immune from failure or from going bust.

Is it worth the worry and stress? NO, Just gat silver

In other words your paper cash & money in the bank is being eroded by inflation...Paper! Just rip it up

Stocks are crashing and not a safe place for your money.

Bonds are not yielding what they normally do in a recession and according to several economists the Bond market is in danger of crashing too which would make the property crash look like a school day-out! Property prices are dropping.

There are no other real safe havens apart from Gold and silver...Simple

When you purchase Gold and silver in the United Kingdom you are protecting your wealth from any loss in the strength of the Pound.

Also as the pound strength drops Your investment goes up due to the fact that silver is valued in dollars! Safe haven? YES

Owning physical silver bullion could be the best long/short term investment you could ever make.

When a global shortage maybe set to project the silver price rocketing to the Moon. According to Jason Hommel who writes the Silver Stock Report (

Silver is infact the Greatest investment opertunity of our life time.

According to Franklin Sanders,

"silver's primary is up targeting 16:1 gold/silver ratio or $195.66 (Gold/Siver is priced in $) per oz.

Many other predictions for the silver price is $700.00 and $8,000.00 per oz within 30 years. Do you see the ££££££ 0r the $$$$$ potential?

Nobody really knows but one thing seems very clear is that the Silver (and gold) price is in a primary Bull market and even if the price goes up a fraction of the price that many predict...holding physical bullion as an investment is a very very VERY good Idea.

Buy Physical silver NOW while the spot price is still low.

You must own some physical silver bullion to protect and store your money.