Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Silver Coin Minting Process

Coin Minting Process - Quality Silver Bullion Minting Tour I have bought 400 oz. from QSB...very good quality, none are under 1 oz. if my scale is correct. I highly recommend this company since they weigh the coins individually to make sure they are not under weight. However this company should not only make rounds but also bars. Many people prefer bars instead of rounds ,I think 10oz bars would be worth the hassle people love 10oz on ebay they scramble to get the JM,wallstreet, apmex and perth..Personally I only buy maple leaf at the moment, because it's 99.99 rather than 99.90. To me, four 9s always beats three 9s. (as like full house beats three of a kind).Now remember that this is bullion grade and is usually made and purchased in high quantities. A collectors piece usually has a limited quantity and costs a lot more per piece. As an investor, it usually isn't the best idea to purchase collector's pieces because of the high prices.