Friday, November 7, 2014

Where To Buy Gold Coins

Investing in precious metals like gold coins is an excellent way to ensure that your money works for you and gives a return that is above the rate of inflation. If you are wondering where to buy gold coins in usa or anywhere online worldwide, you should know that it is a very simple process so long as you know what you want your budget to be and how much of a role these precious metals will play in your investing portfolio. Know The Rules Gold has long been a favorite of investors because it has climbed in value every year for the past four decades; an ounce of gold purchased in the late 1970s would be worth nearly ten times as much today. Coins, however, are different than bullion: while they are worth the exact same on a per-ounce basis, they are available from different sources since different countries mint individual coins. The American Gold Eagle coins, for instance, have different dimensions and weights than the Canadian Maple Leaf coins. Decide Limits Many investors suggest putting no more than a quarter of your investments into valuable metals, since these are more of a failsafe than an overall investment plan -- you put money into gold while hoping that you will never need to take it out, since gold is a hedge against a currency collapse. Depending on your level of concern about the economy and your overall holdings, you may want to invest more money in gold than financial analysts suggest. That having been said, coins can be more fun to collect than bars due to the history and ornate detail of the imprinting. Where To Buy The most direct route for all gold coinage is to purchase from national mints. The US mints in Philadelphia and Denver annually release new gold eagles, but in a low volume in order to keep demand high. You are more likely to find a coin that is rare or historic from a gold firm. Do extensive research on gold firms -- never buy from a pawn shop unless you are sure you can get a great value -- by looking up their reputation on the Better Business Bureau or on review sites like AngiesList. Once you have located a good dealer, remember that you can haggle a bit to get a better price: negotiating a better rate is one of the most satisfying parts of owning these coins. Same rules apply if you are wondering where to buy gold coins in usa or anywhere else in the world Get It Verified Any time you purchase coins (or jewelry or other valuables), you need to have the purchase verified. Consult an expert in gold or rare coins to ensure the quality is good and the metal is pure. Ask ahead of time for recommendations for a verifier from a firm and vice-vers