Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mexican Gold Coins $50 Gold Bullion Pesos

Mexican Gold Coins $50 Gold Bullion Pesos : This beautiful coin was made​in commemoration of 100 years of freedom of independence from Spain this currency is called in Mexico: "Centennial" (One Hundred Years) This coin is the most expensive in the world with an estimated cost of $ 22.800 PESO (Depends state in which the currency is), I knew that Mexico was the first country to have the symbol "$"and then when the United States adopted this symbol was released. Mexican Gold Bullion Coins - Mexican gold coins have more gold than any other bullion in the world. These Mexican gold pesos have regained in popularity over the last year as gold investors realize the value of the coin for the gold content increases. Gold Bullion and Coins are being bought up by countries, corporations and individual investors due to the uncertain global financial crises. Gold is the only know material to be used as currency backing for the last 6000 years.