Thursday, December 8, 2011

Silver Bullion Rounds & Bars - Which is the Better Investment and Worth More Money?

I just buy and sell from my local coin dealer; he has instant liquidity. Maybe no one in the US will have $10K to fork over, but in the world market by definition they will have a buyer. Liquidity is the last thing you have to worry about when it comes to physical gold and silver. They are the most liquid things on earth in the money markets silver bullion coins, rounds, & bars. Online US precious metals dealer buying & selling IRA approved silver bullion. Buy / sell brand new sealed mint boxes of American Eagle coins, Canadian Maple Leafs, Perth Mint, JM, NTR metals, Academy, Sunshine Minting, A-mark, Johnson Matthey, Silvertowne, 1oz, 10oz, 100oz bars, 90% bags $1000 face value, generic & buffalo rounds .Comex deliverable .999 bullion.

I buy silver to try and preserve my purchasing power for the future. The way "paper money" is being deflated (they call it "inflation" on the business networks), I can foresee a time when we will need to spend $5-10 paper dollars for a loaf of bread.