Friday, September 20, 2013

The Silver and Gold Scam

The Silver and Gold Scam
When the prices of Gold and Silver are low the general public is being dissuaded from buying Physical Gold and Physical Silver by Goldman-Sach and also the major media. Of course anyone knows that "buy low and sell high" is the winning investment formula. But who has uncanny price prediction. Even Jim Rogers admits that he is a terrible market timer, but leaves enough cash reserves and spreads out his investment risks and has the patience to wait out market downturns. Later on, when the price of silver and gold are extraordinarily high it will mainly be the middle class that get led into an investment trap and buy when the precious metals get ahead of themselves. This was the same type of thing that helped fuel the real estate bubble. It was investors expectation that home prices would go even higher. It was the middle-class that was left holding the bag and now it is the Federal Reserve that buys up those "troubled assets" with paper and takes back those homes from the middle-class. Expect the game to wind up the same way with silver & gold ultimately. Right now silver is a buy and hold. Later the financial situation may be totally changed if silver gets ahead of itself again.

Palladium may be another investment many are missing.
Palladium Investing - video playlist
Palladium may turn out to be the best investment in the metals markets. Palladium is far rarer than gold and used heavily in industry. Very little Palladium is available for investment.