Sunday, July 3, 2011

Copper and Zinc Pennies

I have saved a whole lot of copper pennies both US and Canadian over the years. Recently went to a coin dealer to ask what they might be worth. Not much because the price of uncirculated rolls for most dates is a small premium over face. The value of the copper doesn't come into it presumably because it is very illegal to melt legal tender coins. Therefore the "real" value can not be realized. Nonetheless the "real" value is there and I am not getting rid of my pennies even though they are very You can bounce them if you don;t feel like weighing. The coppers ring and the zincs go plunk. They look and feel different to. I think the coppers need to disappear from circulation before they are worth something, so keep mining.

I always mark my dump rolls with a Z for zinc, so if you come across one do me a favor and check through it. Make sure I didn't miss any. :-)

mostly 3.1 grams for the "real" pennies--did this a few months ago-about 1/3 of pennies from the bank are pre 1982 95% cooper-- did manage to separate $25 worth of 95% copper pennies which i think is $40 worth of copper. Easy to do when watching aimless TV or Endlessmountain--ha ha just kidding. Good point on the pennies--a copper peny saved is MORE THAN a penny earned.

I call the Zinc pennies the "fake" ones.


P.S. I always buy some copper when I put in a Silver order.