Friday, September 28, 2012

2012 Silver Chinese Panda Coin

I am new to collecting Pandas but already I'm inlove with them lol... So far all I have is 2 soon to be 3 graded MS70 from 2012. I would like to back date for the entire set but their expensive as hell!!

2012 Silver Chinese Pand Coin - 1 oz. Finally the 2012 series silver Panda coins are out. The coins were actually minted on $30 per oz level. There are three sources for Panda coins that I recommend you purchase from in China. They are; China Gold Coin Inc. Bank of China Shanghai, Shenzhen or Shenyang Mint In the United States: APMEX Gainesville Coins Panda America Inc. U.S. release date is March 30, 2012. Price paid in China Gold Coin Inc. store on Friday, March 16, 2012 was 320 yuan. Interestingly, my first silver Panda coin purchased in China when I arived in 2008 was only 160 yuan.