Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Perth Mint - 10 Kilo Silver Bullion Coin

I just bought mine and won't open it up just keep it sealed so if I sell it the buyer will get it just as I did from the Perth Mint. Check it out on Ebay. I wish the video included the pressing, and wonder what the other "hours" of work to make the coin perfect. I guess polishing etc. I had the ten kilo tiger but sold it, so had to hop right over to the rabbit. My listing is under RICKSNEWSTORE on Ebay.I am glad Europeans appreciate enjoy these stunning minted works of art. American coin collectors are so cynical about these things. All they care about is investment...not the beauty of the coin. If the price is more than a few bucks over melt, US coin collectors are ready criticize.

A spectacular investment coin weighing 10 kilograms has been released by The Perth Mint. Made from 99.9% pure silver, the large Australian Lunar bullion release celebrates the 2011 Year of the Rabbit. This video shows part of the production process involved in making such a large Australian legal tender coin. Limited to a maximum mintage of 500, it can be purchased at while stocks last.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Silver Chinese Panda 2011

Silver Chinese Panda 2011 III : Premiums in China are high as the demand is high . There are two types of 2011 Panda Coins. One with big eyes and the others have smaller shaped eyes. I am not certain that these are error coins or if it may be one mint producing big eyes while the others are producing normal.I have 2 Chinese Panda's (2011 and 2010) and I really like them. They are quite beautiful. However they do carry a premium here in the States. Enough so I treat them a little more like collectors coins than bullion. For just holding silver I bought some Silver Eagles and Silver Maples.Imagine if the Pound Sterling was still One Troy Pound (12 Troy Ounces) of .925 Sterling Silver !!!!!! (About 240 of the current fiat pounds.) How much petrol would that buy?

Perth Mint 2011 Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Launch

Buy Gold and Silver now and get paid .The silver Koala is beautiful! Nice! 2011 Kookaburra will be mine. 2011 years is very bold. great bullion !! No doubt about it!! It great that they have Chinese lunar series. My only disappointment is that Elizabeth II's head is on every one. Leave the damn monarchy behind people! -- In this video, The Perth Mint unveils the designs for its 2011 Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Program. Issued as Australian legal tender, these gold and silver coins are for investors who want to buy bullion and collectors who want precious metal coins with annual design changes. Struck from 99.99% pure gold or 99.9% pure silver in a wide variety of sizes, the Program comprises the Australian Kangaroo, Australian Kookaburra, Australian Koala and Australian Lunar coin series.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Apmex Silver Fractionals Unboxing

Apmex Silver Fractionals Unboxing Apmex sent me some silver fractional rounds. Get em over at Apmex . During the Oklahoma Floods of 2010, one of my APMEX orders was slow and no one at APMEX was answering the phone. I was getting worried until my phone rang one Saturday morning and it was a Vice President of APMEX who told me that the area was flooded nobody had been able to get to work for days.
He was the only one at APMEX (a canoe trip maybe?) and he took time to call me to respond to my voice mails. I was impressed that a VP would call a customer. Apmex is a good Company

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scottsdale Silver Stacker 10 oz Bar

One of the finest silver bullion bars available: The Scottsdale Stacker®, only from Scottsdale Silver.10 Troy Ounces of .999 Pure Silver .when you are looking to make a larger quantity purchase some local shops won't have the supply available. I research the big name online bullion shops and I liked what I saw in Scottsdale. They had a reasonable spot+ price and free shipping. I also liked the look of their product as well as how they source their silver using green recycling methods. If you have a good local shop that has good pricing I would say to use them. I promote keeping small businesses busy.there are a bunch of great places that have really good deals on silver all the time. by this I mean keeping the premiums under a dollar over spot. If I was in you position I would keep doing research about what kind of silver (rounds, bars, numismatics or bullion) and find a quantity you feel comfortable investing in and then take the jump. I bought a few weeks back before the correction when silver was around this same price.

Monday, June 20, 2011

American Gold Eagle Coins | US Gold Coins (Gold coins)

The American Gold Eagle bullion coin and the collector American Eagle gold coins (proofs and burnished uncirculated).The fact is they contain 31.103 grams (1 troy oz) of pure gold, and weigh 33.930 grams. The American gold buffalo coin is .9999 and weighs 31.103 grams. I guess I don't understand what you mean... do you think the gold eagles don't actually contain the gold they say? Sounds like something China would do, not the US. I don't know though these days. A $50 American Gold Eagle weighs 1.0909 oz; Therefore, 91% gold is equivalent to 1 oz. The other 9% comes from harder metals because gold is a soft metal.We discuss how the Gold American Eagle coin came into being and what to collect as a coin collector and what to invest in if you are just look for gold bullion.American Gold Coins .US Gold coins have become one of the more popular forms of gold investment over the last decade. US gold coins by law have to be minted to keep up with the public demand. In doing so Good proof coins and fractional gold has been suspended as the demand for the American Gold Eagle Coins have reached underrepresented interest due to an unstable US currency. Gold is recognized by all countries and has been a form of trade for over 6000 years. China and India both have long term buying programs for their banks and encourage individuals to buy gold. As fiat currencies not backed by gold come under scrutiny the demand for gold increases

Careful. American Gold Eagles can be easily counterfeited. It could fool even an expert. The counterfeiters use a tungsten core which has practically the same density as gold
The obverse design magnificent. The reverse design simply atrocious. The design is too cluttered which Augustus Saint Gaudens consciously avoided the first time he conceived the design for the gold $20 piece. The gold bullion design only cheapens the striding lady liberty design and a mismatch for the glorious obverse design. I would simply call this modern coins a mule, devoid of artistic value.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Investing in Bullion Gold and Silver Coins

US Gold and Silver Advisors, talk about some of the advantages to purchasing gold and silver coins - of which are not just a commodity but a money source.
APMEX is NOT a good place to buy from right now...APMEX absolutely has the highest premiums of anywhere i can find other than ebay... They are selling Silver Eagles for 6.80 over spot!!!! Better yet is the fact you won't have your silver in hand until close to the end of the month. Go to your local coin shops folks, if you can't then do some searching because there are WAY better deals than APMEX.Premiums at APMEX is probably one of the highest..

Friday, June 17, 2011

Silver american eagle monster box

American Silver Bullion coins are a favorite with collectors around the world. Every year the inventory from the U.S. Mint sells out .This is a video of opening a 2010 Silver Eagle Monster Box that I purchased.still buying a bit here and there. I don't really need anymore to be honest, I've got as much as I want. If we have a large pull back to a point that the price is in the 30's I will buy more. I am however going to convert my ETF's into physical as I want to hold them for a long period of time, ETF's are paper silver so it is a good idea to sell them before the mass public get into silver and start collapsing the silver funds, physical is what you want for long term (1 year+)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to invest in Numismatic Coins

Unless you are an expert in Numismatic Coins , stay the hell away or you will get burned.Gold and Silver Bullion is all you need anyway.Bob Chapman : Numismatic Coins have great potential , their time will come The Time for Numismatic Coins will come says Bob Chapman of the International forecaster , Numismatic Coins are collectors coins , Bob Chapman owns personally the Numismatic Coins and he thinks that as long there is a low premium on the Numismatic Coins they are a good investment , last time around between 1977 and 1981 the prices went from $500 to $5000 per coin so the potential for Numismatic Coins is large because you get less than one percent of the people in the world and in the United States in Gold and Silver including Numismatic Coins now when that will become 15 percent they are not going to buy bullion coins and gold and silver shares and that includes shares too says Bob Chapman , but they are gonna buy other products and that would be Numismatic Coins as well , so their time will come ..there 's good values there ...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Detect a Fake Silver Eagle Coins

Fake Silver Eagle Coins Silver eagle Coin fraud is an unfortunate reality of coin collecting, but it's easy to educate yourself about fake silver coins and coin fraud subjects. This article teaches out how to spot fake silver eagle coins .Important to remember that scales are only so accurate, if your weighing something check the accuracy of your scales, the error could be any thing from +/- 1g to +/- 0.001g depending on the quality of your scales!If your scales says it weighs 30g but has an error of +/- 1g, the actual weight could be any where between 29g and 31g.The scammers are getting smarter....there are some fakes out there that will weigh in at 31.1 grams...they are starting to make the coins slightly thicker to make up the can probably spot the fakes in person if you know your coins or have a real coin to compare with...but...many people are getting ripped off on ebay with these and it's virtually impossible to spot a fake based on the suppliers picture....buyers beware!

have a new delivery-sealed Monster Box of 2010 Eagles. I also have some 2009s from sealed boxes. All the coins show a few 1/100 ths of a gram variation from the specified book weight. All coins show this kind of variation, Eagles, Maples, Libertad, Phillie's

To suggest any Eagle that is sightly out from the book weight is a fake is highly irresponsible, for it is simply untrue and peopl e could lose money thinking they have fakes which are rea

Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Majestic Silver

I unbox a shipment of 50 troy ounces of silver from First Majestic Silver.  Price paid for the silver was $24.00 USD an ounce regardless of the denomination of silver fee for using credit card with first majestic silver, shipping times are slow right now 2-3 weeks till delivery. a $1000 order costs $29 shipping for me in Manitoba

Silver Maple Leaf Box Of 1 Oz Bullion Silver Coins

Let's Get YOUR Silver Snowball Rolling! Silver Snowball is the simplest and BEST way to accumulate silver! This video will show you how Silver Snowball works. I'm committed to seeing you succeed.!! Silver Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) bullion coins for sale online. US precious metals coin dealer buying & selling Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. Monster Boxes of brand new 1 oz uncirculated Mapleleaf coins are available. Other hard money options for collectors & investors include, American Eagles, Perth Mint coins, Ohio Precious Metals, JM, NTR Metals, Academy, Sunshine Minting, A-mark, Johnson Matthey, Silvertowne, 1oz, 10oz, 100oz bars, 1 Oz generic & Buffalo rounds. The minimum we will purchase or sell is 500 Oz of Silver. We are available to take new orders on all holidays and every weekend, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We only ship within the U S A and offer free overnight shipping. 20 oz minimum gold orders or 500 ounces of silver. The purchase of coins or bullion items is highly speculative and involves substantial risk. We do not know if the market for precious metals is going up or down. We think you should buy or sell what you want, when you want. At the Tulving Company we are bullion order takers. We have no commissioned salesmen. In 2010 our precious metal sales were over 370 million.

Silver is too cheap compared to gold and is a buy. Eleven months ago it took 85 ounces of silver to buy an ounce of gold. Since then the ratio has come down in favor of silver. Now it only takes 61 ounces of silver to buy an ounce of gold. Silver is still too cheap compared to gold. At the end of 2007 it took only 45 ounces of silver to buy an ounce of gold. I think we are headed in that direction again.Silver usually moves in tandem with gold, but last year it fell more than gold. Now it’s leading gold on the way up. Silver still has a ways to go and the current silver to gold ratio stands at 61 to 1 and the ratio is too high. Silver is a buy.Recently, the Chinese announced that they are buying silver, and they are very savvy investors. If China's doing it, it won’t be long before all of Asia follows. Now is the time for you to buy your physical silver while the price is still low and while there is availability. Last year at this time the market was oversold and long delays and huge premiums were common. It starting to happen againl. It is a good idea to buy your silver now while you can still get it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

20 Reasons to BUY Silver

It's absolutely impossible for silver to crash anywhere near like in the 80's - China would buy all the silver in the markets in one swoop... The gooberment would never let that happen.Don't forget Morgan's front man whose officially ON OBAMAS administration.the SLV/GLD will not be "broken" by an overwhelming number of requests to deliver physical. Weir says on the one hand that the prospectuses are full of holes and people who invest in it are fools, but then I hear him say a few minutes later that SLV/GLD will fail and crash. It's just not gonna happen, folks. I agree that people should buy physical PMs, but to claim that because SLV/GLD don't have the physical to deliver, so they will die, is mistaken.

i'm a huge silver bull, but the government is never going to change the rules and screw jpmorgan over... jpmorgan is not the hunt brothers. not going to happen... if anything they're going to change the rules to screw the longs. the government and the banks are on the same team

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Engelhard Silver Bars

A 10 oz. Engelhard silver bar comes sealed in plastic and on the back of the bar along the edge it looks like someone ran it against a grinding wheel and or shaved along the rim. 100-oz silver bars are uniform in shape, which means they are easy to stack and store..999 fine silver bars are a convenient way for investors to invest in silver Just a quick reference you may be interested in looking at before you start investing in silver bullion of your own. Here is the list of people i follow: Ted Butler, Michael Maloney (will study anything and everything that this man writes or says), check out the silver news and updates website: , Jim Rogers , Peter Schiff , David Morgan - This video shows the various 10 oz Engelhard Silver Bars and a quick History of this classic Precious Metals Refiner. FreedomMeister also talks about Government Debt Levels, GDP (gross domestic product), Unfunded Liabilities and how to....BE AWARE OF THINGS, LEARN FROM HISTORY & STAY FREE!

Monday, June 6, 2011

2010 Silver American Eagle Bullion Coins

Silver American Eagle Bullion Coins . Pictured, a bunch of BU 2010s .I'm thrilled to share my Silver American Eagle coin collection with you. I discuss an individual 2008 Silver Eagle and also a US Mint Tube of 20 2007 Silver American Eagles. Silver Eagles are perhaps the best way to invest in silver bullion.Gold has been in the spotlight over the last few years (and I totally love gold and am still investing in gold) but at this point I view silver as almost the better investment. Why? It hasn't risen quite as quickly in value and I feel like it has so much further to go!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Silver Granules

Silver granules are only method of investing silver in Asian countries. Most Asian countries don't issue silver bullion coins for people to invest. Silver granules are relatively cheap.Although those are cheap with low premium, I think selling those to someone might be difficult. I prefer govt minted coins .The price of silver has been manipulated since 1878. When Hyperinflation hits and people demand the physical delivery the true price and ratio will come more into reality. People may find that 1 oz of silver should be worth well over the current $20.00 right now. Think about it, Silver is consumed, and not recovered, in INDUSTRY while gold accumulates.Also remember that under hyperinflation the silver price will skyrocket in terms of paper dollars, but in terms of bread/food it will probably remain the same to what it is now. So its really unnecessary to have anything under 1 oz of silver in my opinion.

I poured my granules on the floor. So I lost maybe three pieces of sliver granules. A slver granule is so small ,round and easy to be lost. I found only granule after two months on my floor.