Thursday, August 18, 2011

Buy Silver | Protect Your Wealth

Don't Buy silver until you watch this video. Buying silver or silver bullion is way to protect against effects of inflation and debasement of the dollar. Silver and precious metals.

What is Junk Silver - How to Buy Junk Silver

In Gold We Trust - Coins, Bullion & Scrap Gold Calculator and prices of Junk Silver CoinsInformation about Junk Silver, what is junk silver and what is the best way to buy junk silver coins such as old silver dollars, morgan silver dollars etc I re-evaluated my bars, rounds vs. junk silver & I own both. As you mentioned the quarter, dimes, half dollars are universally recognized currency. Its a bonus that they have a silver content which give it even more value. Although to someone who does not recognize a metal content it still has its face value, if you go to a shop with a 100/oz bar its just a hunk of metal to the average person. Its good to have more minted coins vs bars, rounds...etc