Friday, September 7, 2012

Top 14 Reasons To Buy Silver

When the Anglo American silver price suppression scheme ends because the physical demand over runs the shorts silver can go up regardless if there is a hyperinflationary event, that was the example I was making. In hyperinflation industrial demand of silver will stagnate as the monetary demand skyrockets. One way or the other silver will have it's day.Those investing in bullion will also be investing in a means to protect it. No! It is not going to be pretty. The crooks in charge have made it this way. That is what they want. If you're like me, then every last fake dollar is going somewhere today. You just have to take some of that money that you're wasting (and yes, you have to buckle down and discipline yourself) and buy something tangible. I groaned for a bit too, but it's called taking responsibility for yourself. Do it, You can!