Friday, April 6, 2012

How to Buy Silver ?

There are many ways to own Silver. Here are a few examples.

    Silver ETF- A Silver ETF basically trades like a stock. For instance, you can buy the silver ETF (SLV) and the price will go up when the price of silver goes up. However, the price can go down when the price of silver go down. Bear in mind, however, a silver ETF is only good for speculating on the price of silver. If you want to "own" silver, you should buy silver bullion.
    Silver Bullion - Silver bullion are silver bars and coins. You can buy silver bars and coins at your local gold and silver dealer. Or you can safely buy online from large dealer like APMEX and Bullion Direct. Silver bullion usually trades anywhere from 15% to 50% over the spot price of silver. Owning silver bullion is a great way to protect you against a falling dollar.
    Junk Silver - Junk silver are silver coins that were once minted by the United States decades ago. These nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars and dollar coins have anywhere from 30% to 90% silver content. Junk silver has some great advantages over silver bullion. You don't have to worry about he condition of the coins. You can dump them into a bag, unprotected and it won't effect the value of the coins. Also, you can buy junk silver in small amounts. And if there is a major financial crisis, junk silver coins can be used to buy gas and groceries.