Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Air-Tite ~ How to Protect Your Silver American Eagles From Tarnish

I protect my silver Eagles from tarnish by putting them into Air-Tite cases.
, for numismatic, special, or display things it's fine to have airtites. But I think when someone is accumulating a lot of generic or gov. Minted things it's better to just have a tube for 2 reasons: 1. Space. 2. Added cost. Even if u can get them for as low as .30 each, that will add up a lot in the long run.

-Comes in Airtite stays in Airtite.
-Comes in tubes, stays in tube.
-Comes in plastic sheet, stay in plastic sheet.
Me likee buy silber. me no likee buy Airtite.!!!!