Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why Pay The Premiums?

In a world full of inflation, why pay inflated or premium prices for silver to protect your wealth? Be careful not to overpay for your silver and keep stacking!

Fake Counterfeit 20 oz gold bar marked J&M Canada

In the sequel to Manhattan 10 oz fake tungsten filled gold bars, we have just discovered 20 oz gold bar marked J&M Canada. I keep saying "molecular weight" or "molecular mass" during the video, please think of it as "density", that's what I have meant.Density of Gold is 19.28 g/ml and Tantalum is 16.69 g/ml. We have heard about those bars before, but here are the evidence. We may follow up with second video if we end up melting it. If you are are in possession of such bars, they should be re-melted and re-casted. We can help.