Sunday, January 22, 2012

The new $20 Canadian Silver Coin

it's actually not a great deal at all..Of course a Silver Maple or Eagle is a better buy in terms of silver content. But with a guaranteed of $20, there is no risk in this coin. When the mintage is sold out, the coins can be sold on Craigslist for about $25-30 (more on Ebay). Still, long term, the Canadian government has to give a non-depreciating legal tender status to the Silver and Gold Maples. Look up Hugo Salinas-Price and see how he would like the Silver Libertad to be recognized as legal tender. it only weighs near 8 grams.. 31ish grams is 1 oz... so tha'ts about $80 per 4x need to make 1 oz that could be bought for 33ish at that time. of course the face value is $20.00 and you have for that still is worth $80.00.. like the 1 oz maple leaf with a face value of $5. once silver is worth more than $20 per 8 gram, the face value becomes meaningless. The point being so long as the melt value of the coins does not exceed the face value, a coin will circulate and not be hoarded. All governments issue issue fiat currency, meaning the face value does not represent melt value. The metal content of a quarter is probably worth $0.05, and the melt value of a dime is probably worth only a few cents. Same situation with Canadian government. They are issuing $20 face value whose melt value is only $ far as face value it is only worth what the government says it's worth...but if things ever go bad I would rather have a coin that's made of pure silver than a piece of green paper...that would be worth nothing.