Friday, January 25, 2013

The Peoples Coin - Mr. Wang Yirong Interview on MCC

An interview with Mr Wang Yirong, Vice President of the Chamber of Rarities in China and the Chairman of the Board of Shanghai's Yunzhou Antique Mall. Talking about the demand for Chinese Collectibles and Antiques.

The Peoples Coin - Chinese Dealer Interview

Interview with Chinese coin dealer Mr. Pei Fei on the growing demand for panda coins and if the demand will continue to grow in the future and if so why.

Coin Shop Unboxing Of Silver And Gold

I went to my local coin shop and got some great deals. I think. Ya i know my math was off. Its 45oz not 25ozLOVE the 2 pesos, I need more! LOL Very nice pickup, I would return the dragon rounds or demand a price adjustment, $40 each is too much. LCS people play dumb sometimes, but other times they really are ignorant of what they're selling, or they're just plain scamming.