Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gold & Silver Will Skyrocket Because Of The Fed's Actions

Ben is not actually the guy operating the printing press and probably 100% of all the QE money exists only on computer screens. This is why people do not think that QE and debasement are the same thing. Most people have no idea what debasement is or why it is bad. The money isn't printed yet. Its just 1s & 0s in the banks computers. The markets will skyrocket again eventually from all the We & propping up. The false recovery will be in full effect & the people will fooled into 1 more big rally before it all crashes.Get ready for the false recovery. When everyone says we've turned the corner & the banks start loaning out all that Qe there holding & it gets into circulation is when we start getting hyperinflation....or foreigners dump their dollars (60% of dollars are overseas) by buying things here, which leads to a loss of confidence in the dollar here in the US, causing people to buy real goods with increasingly worthless fiat. The fear VELOCITY can drive high/hyperinflation even without the excess bank reserves getting into the economy. Once velocity picks up, price inflation increases, causing MORE people to buy before prices rise, so it is self-feeding.