Friday, May 9, 2014

Buy Platinum Bullion Wholesale | How To Buy Wholesale Platinum Coins & Bars

Some of the platinum items that you may be interested in investing in as the economy continues to falter toward the inevitable meltdown, include... platinum coins (aka platinum rounds) & platinum bars (aka platinum ingots.) The types of coins that are available include; American Eagle, Australian Koala, British Britannia, Canadian Maple Leaf, Chinese Lunar, Chinese Panda, Isle of Man Noble & Singapore Lunar.

(Yes, many of these names may be familiar to you because they are also available in gold and/or silver. Now you can remember their names as you learn how to buy wholesale platinum coins & bars.)

To buy platinum bullion wholesale is, frankly, the sole way you should operate simply since it actually tends to save you up to 20, or in some cases, even up to 40 percent of the price that dealers sell it for. Why pay those fees when you can get wholesale platinum for the cost that dealers pay?

You might be thinking something akin to, how the heck could a regular Joe Lunch Bucket like me obtain wholesale platinum bullion. Well Joe, that's where the world's only precious metal club rides to the rescue, so to speak.

What is a wholesale precious metal club? Well, think of Sam's Club, or Costco. They're wholesale stores where you buy a membership, at a really reasonable fee, and then you literally end up saving all the money it cost to join, plus that amount, multiplied many times, from the savings you get throughout the year as you do your shopping.

Well, it's the same thing here, except the products are precious metals. That easy to understand.

Many members get the annual membership cost back with their initial purchase. So, are you wondering how much it costs?

When I inform you the answer, you may not even believe it, initially. You may presume that there's some kind of a "catch". (N0 CATCH! I PROMISE)

To Buy Wholesale Platinum Coins & Bars is important because the economy is not going to get better in the long run, before it gets, much, MUCH worse. (Like emergency, worse. Like, people aren't going to know what hit them, worse.)

Google, The End Of America or read AFTERSHOCK (by the Wedemiers) if you want to get clued in as to what is coming.

When the stuff hits the fan, the masses are going to finally understand the need to turn their fiat money into precious metals. When that happens, members of this wholesale club will be in a strong position to make money, because they will get commissions from everyone they refer and even from their second generation of referrals, meaning the people their referrals refer.

Plus all members make commissions from every purchase generated in their "downline" going to infinite levels deep.

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