Monday, May 23, 2011

Lakota Silver Rounds

Lakota Silver Rounds Nice coins , almost to beautiful to use as real money.silver coin is an alternative to the U.S. dollar that will hold its value ,I must be honest and say that I believe the "best" silver coins to for an American to buy, (who is looking to survive the coming economic collapse), is Silver Eagles. For practical reasons, (will be the most well-recognized and therefore easiest to trade), not numismatic or ethical reasons. There are also tax and other legal advantages. However, I must admit that those Lakotas are certainly beautiful.

Making 40% on silver is better than losing 90% when the dollar crashes. You don't have to buy silver, just "get out of dollars". Dollars are doomed to go to virtually worthless in the years ahead. Buy real stuff. If you "don't believe in silver", buy other real stuff. Some stuff will hold its value, some won't. Do research and think about what will be the most important things people may need in the future. They will want some of your stuff, not dollars. They will trade their stuff for yours.