Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to Buy Gold Bullion Bars - Buy in now before its too late

How to buy gold bullion bars can be quite a task if your not in the know, especially if you don't no your way around the stock market.

Gold bars are a great commodity and so are gold coins. Just like all precious metals you cant print them, fake them or destroy them. You could also finance and invest in Silver bullion but gold bullion is the ultimate.

In my video I give you an alternative to the traditional Gold bullion buy in, the new age of currency is now crypto, such as the
popular coin Bitcoin, which in its early years was worth a cent, people in the know mined millions and held on to them, they
tried to tell people to invest in them now, but not many listen and thought it was a stupid idea, they missed a great opportunity to become wealthy, fast foward to today and the breaking news is bitcoin is now worth $1200 a single coin. The people who jumped in early are now extremly wealthy.

Just launched is cryptobars, like bitcoin this will be the next successful crypto currency, some believe it will overpass bitcoin
by far due to it being pegged to real physical gold, making it more stable and worth atleast half a million dollars per bar, as you can see alot higher then bitcoin at only 1200 a coin.

So no need to go to the london bullion market, or the northwest territorial mint you dont even have to have a wall street stock broker or gold dealer, just get in now while you still can and buy in for $500. In this competitive world you need to take action on big opportunities.

Now you have some insight on how to buy gold bullion bars, take action and buy in now!

Monday, July 28, 2014


Heres a quick little video I made explaining some of the advantages of buying 90% U.S. coins as your primary Silver investment. These "Values" are for Common date U.S. Silver coins unaffectionately referred to as "Junk" Silver coins, these are purchased primarily for their silver content, although the history of these coins can be quite interesting. the best part of buying these "Junk" coins is you can invest as little as $2.10 to get your silver collection started!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Silver Bullion Purchase

Quick video distinguishing the various types of silver bullion available in the marketplace. I go over which rounds and bars will go for nice premiums when you go to resell them. In addition, I discuss some of the most commonly collected pieces available. Not all bullion pieces are made the same. Get more tips and information on coins, bullion and other collectibles

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to Buy Gold Bullion Bars

Gold bullion for sale, Royal Canadian Mint .9999 Bars. Online US precious metals coin dealer buying and selling brand new RCM Bars. Other hard money, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium options for collectors and investors include, American Eagles, Ohio Precious Metals, Canadian Maple Leafs, British Sovereigns, Mexican Pesos, Australian Kangaroos, Austrian 100 Coronas, 1 Oz South African Krugerrands, Chinese Panda Coins, Austrian Philharmonics, Perth Mint coins, Ohio Precious Metals, JM, NTR Metals, Academy, Sunshine Minting, A-mark, Johnson Matthey, Silvertowne, 10oz, 100oz bars, 1 Oz rounds. We are available to take new orders on all holidays and every weekend, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We only ship within the U S A, and offer free overnight shipping. 20 oz minimum gold orders or 500 ounces of silver. We do not make recommendations. We have no telemarketers. We have no commissioned salesmen. We think you should buy or sell what you want, when you want. At the Tulving Company we are bullion order takers. In 2010 our precious metal sales were over 370 million

Monday, July 21, 2014

Is silver better then gold?

Is silver better then gold? You can have 2.5 grams of gold or 4.4 oz of silver for $132.00

I think gold is way to high. For the average person investing in gold your going to what I call Grams VS Ounces Gold is so HIGH Grams are what most people can afford to buy but with those grams of gold you can buy ounces of Silver. So you can grow a bigger investment with less loss when you buy silver. Silver $28.009 an ounce Gold $1500.00 an ounce

Silver wasn't as popular until the 90's then all of the sudden silver was needed for everything electronic. Now gold is way do high even for gold plating that silver has replaced gold. I think it was said that a million plus ounces of silver was used in industry alone in 1 year. Gold sits while silver is used and used then melted and reused and sadly often trashed and lost.

So start your silver collection. My hopes is when i'm 50 I will have silver that had more then tripled the value. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why I Buy Jubk Silver -- 90% Silver Coin Bags US $1000 Face Value Junk Silver

90% silver coin bags for sale $1000 face value 715 oz legal tender United States Of America silver bullion coins. Online U S precious metals dealer buying and selling coins and bars. We do not know if the market for precious metals is going up or down. The Tulving Company has been an authorized PCGS dealer since 1998 (dealer number 1080). We have been with the same bank since 1990. Other hard money physical Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium options for collectors and investors include 1 Oz coins from The Canadian Mint, American Silver Eagles, Chinese Pandas, British Sovereigns, Mexican Pesos, Australian Kangaroos, Austrian 100 Coronas, South African Krugerrands, Australian Koalas, Perth Mint, Ohio Precious Metals, Sunshine Minting, A-mark, Johnson Matthey,10 Oz, 100 ounce, 1000 Oz bars, generic and 1 ounce Buffalo rounds. We do not make recommendations. We have no commissioned salesmen. At The Tulving Company we are bullion order takers. We think you should buy or sell what you want, when you want. We are available to take new orders on all holidays and every weekend, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We only ship within the U S A and offer free overnight shipping. 20 Oz minimum Gold orders or 500 ounces of Silver. The purchase of coins or bullion items is highly speculative and involves substantial risk. As in other markets, coin or precious metals prices can be extremely volatile and will rise and fall depending on market conditions. Therefore, before buying coins, rounds, or bars, you should first have adequate cash reserves and other assets to absorb a potentially significant loss.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Junk Silver Investing - Choosing the Coins that Sell at a Higher Profit

Let's take a look at the various scrap silver choices in U.S. coins. I talk about the least expensive pieces to get and how it will better compliment your other silver/gold bullion. Thanks for watching! For more coin related news, tips and amazing circulation finds,

Friday, July 11, 2014

Why Buy Gold Coins?|Buy Gold In Grams|Gold By The Ounce

Why get gold pieces? Choosing to research and perhaps progress on buying gold coins is a large deal!
Prior to you start purchasing gold coins, you will have to know a couple of essential things like:.
1) The different kinds of gold pieces there are.
2) Which is the most effective kind of gold piece to purchase to match your objectives.
3) The best ways to safely buy the proper gold piece(s).

I. Kind of Gold Coins.

There are 2 fundamental kinds of gold pieces: bullion pieces and numismatic pieces (collector pieces).Buy gold coins
Gold investors usually acquire gold bullion coins as their costs are quite transparent. Gold bullion piece rates are based upon the market rate of physical investment grade gold. Today's gold bullion coins are typically 22k to 24k, having a 90 % or greater level of gold content.
Numismatic gold pieces are normally bought by coin enthusiasts and unusual piece worths are subjective to lots of elements outside of the gold place price. Much like high quality art, true numismatists (collector piece experts), are normally life time coin enthusiast lovers that have gotten years of specialized know-how developing their trade. There are a choose few of successful players in these spheres; they typically have many years of experience and experience.

II. Best Gold Coin for Your Goals.
Selecting the most effective gold piece for your spending goal will depend after a number of elements featuring your geographic location, the importance of personal privacy when offering gold coins back to gold dealerships, and fees both on the purchase and offer side.
If you are includeding changing an Individual Retirement Account in to gold pieces, gold bullion coins are a wonderful choice for gold financiers. The most preferred gold bullion pieces are American Gold Eagles complied with by Canadian Gold Maple Leafs.

III. The best ways to Safely Buy Gold Coins.
Gold coins can be gotten in numerous means, featuring but not limited to purchasing on online sites like eBay or our web site, Some financiers get gold pieces regionally at coin stores, while in some countries financiers could purchase gold pieces directly from banks.
Practically every gold retail electrical outlet has greater than one payment choice: financial institution wire transmission, charge card, money, postal money orders, checks, and PayPal are all however a couple of payment approaches being utilized within the gold industry.
Constantly see as any kind of differentiators that some gold piece dealers might has more than others. The gold dealership with the least expensive price doesn't necessarily indicate it is the ideal choice. Buy gold coins
Trent Maloney, author of the # 1 best marketing gold and silvers guide Guide to Spending for Gold and Silver, claims that investors should think about the worth, not simply the price, of any sort of investment choice. For instance,'s benefit differentiators are the education, safe storage space options, and Exit Method that we offer our clients.
When buying gold coins, investors should perform effective due persistance to comprehend all the prices involved. Additional costs can rapidly include up. You will certainly would like to know if there are any sort of hidden commissions, shipping costs, insurance coverage costs, or extra costs for utilizing charge card, financial institution cable transmissions, and so on
. Regardless of the gold dealership you choose to make use of, see to it you validate a business's quantity or grievances and credibility with third party sources like the Better Business Agency and You just wish to work with credibled, trusted gold dealers with favorable peer assessments.
When it comes to getting gold pieces, you really need to believe in advance in the future of how you might ultimately sell your gold at an earnings and just what your exit technique might look like. Understand if the gold dealer you are buying from assurances purchasing back the gold coins they sell to you, and if they will certainly be providing you a fair price years from now if you return to sell to them.

Gold capitalists normally acquire gold bullion pieces as their prices are really clear. Gold bullion coin prices are based on the market rate of bodily investment grade gold. Today's gold bullion pieces are generally 22k to 24k, having a 90 % or greater degree of gold material.
Numismatic gold pieces are usually purchased by coin collectors and unusual piece benefits are subjective to many factors outside of the gold area price. Financiers ought to execute correct due diligence to understand all the costs entailed when purchasing gold pieces.
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Buy 1 oz Gold Bullion Coins & Products

Ken Edwards, Vice President of California Numismatic Investments (CNI), will go over various popular 1 oz Gold Bullion Coins & products. For more information, visit or call Toll Free at 1-800-225-7531.

Friday, July 4, 2014

regal gold coins | buy bullion gold | chinese gold panda coins gold ira investment | junk silver

Let us get this out of the way in which now, gold will always be worth in excess of silver. That is the underside line. The situations are uncommon in historical past in the event the cost of silver per troy ounce exceeded the cost of gold for each troy ounce. It's exceptionally scarce. In reality, it may not even be existent. That is how awesome gold is. Gold will always be worth more than silver. This should not be considered a shock. Why? When men and women imagine of worth and worthwhile metals, the very first thing that many men and women come up with is gold. Persons just gravitate to gold, no matter whether with regard to jewellery, industrial products, industrial uncooked products, individuals consider regarding gold. This could not certainly be a surprise. In fact, all through human background, nearly anything of benefit, whether they are religious icons, religious objects, imperial riches, kingly prosperity, it's all regarding gold. The truth is, plenty of the cash of the ancient planet was calculated when it comes to gold coins and gold content. Gold is the number-one historical retail store of benefit. With having said that, the disparity in between the worth of gold and silver will not be frequent. Certain, gold will always be worth more than silver. Agreed! The challenge is there is also a ratio. If gold is 20 periods the price of silver, that ratio can go up and down. Maybe the ratio is twenty in a single 12 months and afterwards the following calendar year it's ten or six. While gold will continue to often be well worth more than silver, the fluctuation concerning gold vs silver costs can imply great prospects. In case you are planning to diversify your investment decision portfolio by introducing treasured metals component, keep track of the disparity amongst gold vs silver. There might be opportunities exactly where it would make much more sense to invest in silver rather then gold. The cost differential among gold vs silver can be very quite fluid. It's impacted with the degree of silver being mined, political troubles as well as standard condition of your world-wide financial system.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Buy Vat-free / Tax-free silver

Survive The Financial Crisis Crash - Buy Vat-free / Tax-free silver

This video gives you a condensed overview of these topics:

- Bail-in: All EU & US bank depositors will have to cover their failings banks
- Pensions and savings: Are your money safe?
- Why are we so much in debt?
- The origin of our banking system
- Paper currency vs Real Money - Silver & Gold
- Why silver and gold is insurance in the coming collapse
- Why silver has the most upside potential

Western media and politicians would have you believe that the financial crisis is going away, but are at the same time concealing the real economic data, showing that real national debt loads, unemployment and inflation is far higher than reported.

The stockmarket has toppend and is going down, the housemarket is declining and the banks will be saved by your deposit - even if under 100.000 Euro / Dollars.

This false perception has been supported by historically high printing of paper money, causing the consumer to believe that he can make his way out by cheap loans.

Meantime the national banks, big investment banks are rapidly buying all the silver and gold they can in preparation for a collapsing debt based fiat currency system.

Silver is the everyman's gold. Investors all around the world are worried about the weakening US dollar and already imagine a day when the world's reserve currency will be worthless. Throughout history, whenever the value of fiat currencies became unreliable, governments and citizens turned to the stability of precious metals to transact day-to-day business. But gold's high value-to-weight makes it impractical for daily transactions. Silver, on the other hand, is a very convenient medium of exchange.

Silver is a valuable industrial material. Because silver conducts heat and electricity better than any metal on earth, more than half of annual global silver production is destined for industrial use. Even in the midst of a Western economic downturn, industrial silver demand from emerging markets is projected to hit new highs in the coming years.

Silver is undervalued relative to gold. Back when paper currencies were actually backed by precious metals, the historic ratio of the value of an ounce of silver to an ounce of gold was about 16:1. Recently, that ratio has stood around 61:1. Given today's gold prices, if silver were to realign with its historic ratio, it would be worth over $60/oz! If you think gold has yet to find its ceiling, there is good reason to believe silver's rally will be even more dramatic.