Saturday, June 4, 2011

Silver Granules

Silver granules are only method of investing silver in Asian countries. Most Asian countries don't issue silver bullion coins for people to invest. Silver granules are relatively cheap.Although those are cheap with low premium, I think selling those to someone might be difficult. I prefer govt minted coins .The price of silver has been manipulated since 1878. When Hyperinflation hits and people demand the physical delivery the true price and ratio will come more into reality. People may find that 1 oz of silver should be worth well over the current $20.00 right now. Think about it, Silver is consumed, and not recovered, in INDUSTRY while gold accumulates.Also remember that under hyperinflation the silver price will skyrocket in terms of paper dollars, but in terms of bread/food it will probably remain the same to what it is now. So its really unnecessary to have anything under 1 oz of silver in my opinion.

I poured my granules on the floor. So I lost maybe three pieces of sliver granules. A slver granule is so small ,round and easy to be lost. I found only granule after two months on my floor.