Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Chinese Silver Panda Coin

China Silver Panda Bullion Coins , if you are going to buy Chinese Pandas you should at least know what you are doing cause the Chinese Pandas are heavily counterfeited .Another purchase of silver from a Chinese precious metals dealer. These are some of the nicest quality silver coins out there and the premiums reflect that fact. Over time Chinese Panda coins increase in value very nicely, since there are not nearly as many minted vs. U.S. Silver Eagles. The key is to keep buying a little at a time to add to your investment. Why put your money in a bank? You get no return on investment and you help bankers be more irresponsible with your wealth. Remember, it's not so important how much you paid for your silver in spot price.... It's how many ounces you have when the game finally ends.....
Chinese and Australian silver is expensive American eagles are cheaper