Monday, August 22, 2011

Making Money from Silverware & Scrap Silver

This is a load of scrap silver that came in our store. Silverware sets, broken jewelry, cups, candle holders, all getting melted down and cashed in.

Scrap Silver

This is a clip of about 2 weeks of buying scrap silver. I advertised in the newspapers and internet that i was having a silver recall and needed silver. I was able to get Flatware Sets, Scrap SIlver Jewelry, Coins, and Bars, 300 ounces is worth almost $10,000!!!  you can get most of them under spot?


Johnson Matthey bars

Johnson Matthey bars are minted in the United States. Johnson Matthey gold bars offer an ideal investment advantage due to the low premium over spot gold. One-kilo gold bars are typically favored by investors that are looking to buy large amounts of gold. They are recognized worldwide and therefore are very liquid. Each bar weighs in at one-kilogram which amounts to 32.1507 troy ounces of .9999 pure gold. These bars are produced by the renowned refiner Johnson Matthey in the United States. Johnson Matthey bars are known in the industry as a reliably pure bullion gold product. Gold investors gravitate toward the portability and easy to handle size of the Johnson Matthey .9999-fine 1-kilo gold bars. Each has an industrial finish embossed with the Johnson Matthey hallmark, purity, and content with an engraved serial number.