Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Good Preppers Buy Gold and Silver

There is a schism in the liberty and prepper movement about buying gold. Should preppers buy gold and silver or not? When I say buy gold and silver, prepper chime in that you cannot eat gold and silver. But, in practical terms, right now, buying gold and silver helps you retain your wealth. The end is still a bit ways off. Right now you need to concentrate on maintaining and retaining your wealth. The best avenue to do that right now is by buying silver and gold at the 52 week low. So you need to pay attention to the spot price of silver and gold. Preppers say you cannot eat silver and gold. Technically you cannot eat silver and gold, but you can trade it and it will always have value in human society. And, if a collapse of the dollar happens, whatever comes next will still value gold and silver.