Wednesday, June 8, 2011

20 Reasons to BUY Silver

It's absolutely impossible for silver to crash anywhere near like in the 80's - China would buy all the silver in the markets in one swoop... The gooberment would never let that happen.Don't forget Morgan's front man whose officially ON OBAMAS administration.the SLV/GLD will not be "broken" by an overwhelming number of requests to deliver physical. Weir says on the one hand that the prospectuses are full of holes and people who invest in it are fools, but then I hear him say a few minutes later that SLV/GLD will fail and crash. It's just not gonna happen, folks. I agree that people should buy physical PMs, but to claim that because SLV/GLD don't have the physical to deliver, so they will die, is mistaken.

i'm a huge silver bull, but the government is never going to change the rules and screw jpmorgan over... jpmorgan is not the hunt brothers. not going to happen... if anything they're going to change the rules to screw the longs. the government and the banks are on the same team