Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Is Copper Bullion a SCAM?

In this video we'll talk about the melt value of copper, market values, and some alternatives such as buying US nickels.

In comparison to silver and gold, copper is junk, 23 cents that's nothing! sure they look pretty, so you can collect them, but as an investment option, HAH that'l be the day!

Silver Coin Collection From Heaven

This unique coin collection is to die for and includes Windows of Heaven - Cook Islands, 1/4oz Panda commemorative edition. More details at: Other coins include the Chinese Mask, Lynx, Bison and Year of the Dragon.

Marvelous issue in famous Windows of Heaven's series featuring full-color stained glass inserts from famous churches and cathedrals around the world. This release features Saint Isaac's Cathedral, the largest Russian Orthodox cathedral in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Held up against the light, the window will become translucent and show the intricate design in full splendor.

Article on China Silver Demand:
The Hong Kong based Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society or CGSE announced recently that it will launch yuan-based silver spot trading in Hong Kong in the first part of next year. The exchange says growing demand for silver has prompted the decision. This move shows that China is inching closer and closer to the silver market and is quietly nibbling away at Western demand for silver.

When Will This Shift Influence Global Silver Prices?
It's already well known that Chinese citizens are not only allowed, but encouraged to own precious metals like silver and gold. While no one truly understands China, it has become increasingly clear that demand for precious metals and the monetary safety they provide has remained culturally and socially significant for much of the country's huge populace.

The significance of precious metals in China has persisted even throughout the last 100 years while wealth in Western countries has been gradually eroded, extracted and now effectively transferred. Much of this has been a direct result of the great Western fiat currency experience, which is rapidly unraveling, going bad, and threatening to become even worse.

Comex -- Death by a Thousand Cuts
Some astute observers are wondering exactly when growing Chinese demand will begin to make an impact on physical inventories at Comex warehouses, which are tiny relative to the available supply of physical metal reported in other official warehouses. Furthermore, according to long time silver and commodities analyst Ted Butler, recent reports have shown that in and out inventory movement, has been nothing less than frantic. Mike Maloney is a huge advocate of commodities and the yellow metal in particular. His business also wholesales gold and silver proof coins, rounds, bars and more. At what point will the already low inventories diminish to the point of quiet, cash-offered deliveries only? This would amount to a technical default in the precious metals market that would further erode confidence in the paper based metals markets. Marc Faber, Jim Rogers and Robert Kiyosaki have also talked about how gold and silver are being invested in at unprecedented levels.

CME's Force Majeure May Foreshadow Future Physical Shortages
The day of "force majeure" also seems to be upon us, as a recent CME Group announcement demonstrates. On Nov. 26, the huge commodity exchange group declared a force majeure at its New York precious metals depositor operated by bullion and coin dealer Manfra, Tordella and Brooks, commonly referred to as MTB.
The CME claimed that delays in MTB's precious metal deliveries were a result of "operational limitations" due to Hurricane Sandy, even though that severe weather event occurred over a month ago.

The announcement affected MTB's deliveries of physical gold, palladium and platinum bullion, although at least some of the deliveries could be obtained from Brinks Co. instead. One can only wonder what will be the final straw that moves such defaults (blamed on the weather) into affecting the public's confidence in paper precious metals markets. With Chinese New Year about to kick of, sales of gold have been skyrocketing and imports are way up.