Saturday, January 31, 2015

Buying Silver at a Low Price

This is a great time to buy. Will the price of silver go lower????

Friday, January 30, 2015

GOLD BUYING IN CHINA - An Introduction to Buying Gold Bullion in China Gold Shops

"Gold is set for another bearish year," Howie Lee, an analyst at Phillip Futures, said in a note Thursday before the metal's decline in U.S. trading hours. He cited a "strong signal" of interest rate hikes ahead based on changes in the U.S. Federal Open Market Committee statement Wednesday.

"A hawkish U.S. Federal Reserve adds negative pressure on gold, as higher interest rates and a stronger dollar dims the appeal of gold as an alternative asset," Lee said. India overtook China as the world's biggest gold consumer in 2014 as global physical demand fell, an industry report showed on Thursday, forecasting that prices that have declined for the last two years would bottom out this year.

Gold shipments to China from Hong Kong fell 32 percent in 2014 from a record a year earlier as lower prices failed to boost demand.
Demand for luxury goods including bullion has been hurt by an anti-graft drive in China, while a rally in stock markets damped interest in the metal as an investment. Purchases of the precious metal that pushed China above India as the world’s biggest consumer after it dropped into a bear market in 2013 haven’t been sustained, leading banks including Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to predict further price declines A larger global currency shift is underway.

The absolutely stunning decision by the Swiss National Bank to decouple from the euro has triggered billions of dollars worth of losses all over the globe. China has been quietly stockpiling gold for years now. In fact, it is stockpiling so much gold that many have speculated that it may be building a gold-backed yuan currency that would make the Dollar pale in comparison on the global market.

Lots of other countries are rapidly buying up gold, too, including – Serbia, Greece, Ecuador, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. But reportedly no one is buying gold at a faster pace than Russia. More than that, Putin has been positioning his motherland to team up with China to solidify the emerging BRICS system which aims to thwart decades of Anglo financial dominance with a un-dollar currency system that will also include a development bank.

With the gold price continuing to outperform stocks and cyclical commodities in 2010, debate has intensified over how much upside is left in gold’s bull market. One of the most successful investors of this generation, hedge fund magnate who rose to fame for shorting securities tied to the housing market prior to the financial crisis of 2008, recently expressed his bullish outlook for the gold price As for the gold price, very bullish on the yellow metal, noting that the price of gold has been highly correlated to the monetary base for as long as his firm, Paulson & Co., has tracked the data. Given his expectation for further money printing by the Fed – and that in 1980 the gold price rose by 100% more than the correlation implied – assets are denominated in gold – a strong indication of his disdain for fiat currencies. ukraine gold gone

First, China buys physical gold in world markets, fabricates it where necessary into “good delivery” bars – in Switzerland or the Middle East – then ships the bullion, transparently through Hong Kong or Shanghai (or quietly through Beijing and other ports of entry). Second, it keeps virtually all domestically mined gold “in house.” The world was slow to wake up to the new reality in which China is now the de facto IMF sovereign backstop, as Zero Hedge described two weeks ago in “China Prepares To Bailout Russia” when we noted that a PBOC swap-line was meant to reduce the role of the US dollar if China and Russia need to help each other overcome a liquidity squeeze, something we first noted over two months ago in “China, Russia Sign CNY150 Billion Local-Currency Swap As Plunging Oil Prices Sting Putin.”

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Some Good Scrap Gold Buying Tips

Some good scrap gold buying tips - Video Educational part 1 of 5 I get the request often so I looked and was unable to find a true gray flint stone, I did find some new high-tec glass stones that are very close to the one I use and very cheap, not as fine or large as mine. I got a bunch in for my subs today. They are nicer than any others, I've seen available. A little smaller than I like, and takes off a bit more material than mine. I think you'll like it, they do work well. Shoot me an address and $8.00 - I'll send one out. If you know someone that wants one let me know, I'll send more at $5.ea. Take care, good luck, and buy cheap.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Learn How to Buy 10k & 14k Gold Scrap Jewelry Pawn Shop Style

9k is 375 10k is 417 even if something is stamped 10k and is white gold use the higher up acids because a lot of fakes are coming out that are the exact same looking and feeling of real but when put up to the acid test they stay past what the stamp is. if its white gold and stays at the higher karat acid it is a fake from china

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tips & Tricks to buying Silver or Gold Bullion on eBay

Some additional words you'll want to "opt out" of in the search bar are: Copper, Bronze, and Grain. Also, remember FEEDBACK IS KING... So be sure to check the sellers Feedback details before going forward with the purchase. I'll show you some of the tips & tricks I use when shopping for silver on eBay. If there's a trick you use that I didn't mention, share below!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"eBay Magnetic Sterling" ... Sterling Silver and Bullion Magnet Test

This is a demonstration of magnet testing for sterling silver and silver bullion. The jewelry presented on the left side is bought from eBay from a Texas (Dallas) Vendor with two eBay online stores (let's call them … "Store" and "Store - 2"). Presented and bought as Sterling Silver… Got my orders with a small exception and presented them partially here. I will probably ship them all back even though two of the items are possibly sterling silver. I created two tags for the items bought on eBay and I called them "eBay MAGNETIC SILVER" and "eBay POSSIBLY SILVER".

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Beginners Guide to Buying Physical Silver

Here is a quick guide to help beginners not to get scammed when buying Silver.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Silver Bar Purchase - 10oz and 1oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bullion

Happy holidays everyone! Here are our most recent purchases that we made. We went with some 10oz and 1oz Johnson Matthey bars in an attempt to dollar cost average at this lower silver price. We also purchased our first 100gram silver bar from Scottsdale, which we really like. We hope you guys are doing great as we get close to the end of 2014 and just want to take the time to thank you all for watching the videos.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Silver Bullion, Sterling Silver Scrap

Silver Bullion, American Eagles, Peace Dollars, Morgan Dollars, Commemoratives, junk silver, scrap sterling silver

Monday, January 12, 2015

PAMP Suisse 100 gram Gold Bar .9999 Fine

Behold the PAMP Suisse 100 Gram gold bars I purchased from Goldmart. Finally, I have uploaded after several tries. I hope you enjoy the video. Please rate, comment, subscribe and dance around. A multitude of gratitude to you all for watching

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Basics for Buying Silver and Gold

Some thoughts on buying silver and gold as a preparation for an economic collapse.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Gold Coins Stacking: Sovereign Gold Collection

One of the best coins for keeping your savings, liquid, not too far from the spot gold price, expensive to copy because quite small, new i.e. in perfect state, and with the extra possibility of reevaluation, in case of "freegold".

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Intro to Bullion | Gold, Silver, Platinum, Tax Law in Nevada | Tips on Buying Bullion, Bars

Can you name 5 different United States mints?

How to participate and win Sahara Coins University's June 2014 Special Giveaway:

1) Must watch all the videos associated with the Giveaway
2) Must have all the "correct" answers to all 8 questions when you bring them into Sahara Coins.

About Sahara Coins University:
Our Commitment To Our Next Generation!
The importance of providing your children the knowledge and ability to understand collecting starts here. At Sahara Coins we not only want to help the advanced collector find the coins they are looking for whether it be a 1920's American Gold Eagle or an 1856 Flying Eagle Cent, we also want to help the young or new collectors get started and begin to learn all about the hobby of coin collecting. With the Coin Collecting for Kids album you will be walked through the ins and outs of beginning coin collecting, this is ideal for that Mom or Dad that wants to introduce the art of collecting to their child. You will receive a United States Red Book, Coin Collecting For Kids album, A Gold Bar replica Coin Bank all nicely packaged in a Sahara Coins Canvas bank bag. Take a few minutes to check out the video and we can't wait to see you in the store.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How to Buy Gold Bullion Today and When To Sell Gold

GoldCore's latest webinar video, where Mark O'Byrne and Stephen Flood discuss all things gold, when to sell gold and the importance of owning gold in the safest way possible.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to Purchase Gold Bullion

Buying Gold Bullion

This video discusses the different types of gold and silver you can buy and how to purchase gold bullion. Gold bullion has actually been the number one performing asset class for the last decade. It has had an average yield of better than 15% here in the United States.

Gold has typically provided the investor with an opportunity to hedge against the devaluation of paper currency and it is also a quality investment in uncertain financial times.

What we are looking at right now is some severe political and geopolitical risk based on our financial system and gold bullion may be one of the best ways for an individual to hedge against these problems that sit out on the horizon.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Buy Gold and Silver | Bars | Coins is the leading bullion dealer for small investors. You can buy investment grade Gold and Silver bars and coins delivered directly to your doorstep. We have a unique guarantee which ensures the authenticity of our metals and you can even set up a monthly standing order for automatic regular savings.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

One Ounce Gold Bars Royal Canadian Mint .9999 Gold Bullion

1 oz. Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars contain 1 full troy ounce of .9999 fine pure gold bullion, and are the only federally-minted gold investment bars produced in North America. Each has a sleek, buttery finish, appropriate heft, and is engraved with the RCM's official seal, attesting to its weight, purity, mintage date, and has an individual serial number. The bars are guaranteed by the Canadian government and are sealed in assay. Bars are sold individually and in 25-count mint boxes. 1 oz. Royal Canadian Mint Gold bars are eligible for inclusion in a precious metals IRA. These gold bars are particularly popular with stackers because of the RCM's reputation, and because they are easy to store and trade and because of their low premium over spot

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Where to Buy Gold Bars - Valcambi Gold CombiBar - Breakable Gold Bar

Where to Buy Gold Bullion Bars
If you are looking for a place to buy gold online then this video will help you with that.

Friday, January 2, 2015

What is the BEST Silver Bullion to Buy?

As silver drops in price I've been getting more and more questions about what the best type of silver bullion someone should buy. If you're buying silver for the first time or are new to bullion this video will discuss the different types of coins or bars that one would find in any coin shop or online dealer site.
- Junk Silver
- Private Minted Coins or Bars
- Government Issued Coins
- Fractional Silver
- Silver Bars
All of these are great options but the question you need to ask yourself is "What is the reason you are looking to buy silver?"