Saturday, August 6, 2011

The world largest gold coin

Making of the world's largest gold coin, a 2007 Canadian $ 1,000.000 Maple Leaf. Right now this is worth $5,336,941.
This coin breaks all records: It weighs a staggering 100 kilos and measures 53 cm in diameter. But the most remarkable thing about this impressive coin, which cannot even be lifted by two men, is that it is made exclusively of the purest, finest and most refined gold: 999.99/1000 gold.
Although this coin is really cool, its just WAYYY too big for anyone to really want to own it (those who can afford it). I mean, you need 3 people to lift it!! The Canadian mint was better off making a 1 kilo size, it would have been much more profitable for them.Initially, only one was to be made and it wasn't meant to be sold. They did it just to showcase the fact that "hey world, look what we can do". But a few people approached them and said they would want to own them. So they made 5 of them. I just wish they made some sort of glass casing around the coin so everyone's hand prints wouldn't be all over the coin. Otherwise, I love this coin and would love it even more if I can own it.