Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cheap Silver

Silver bullion, silver collection, 90% half dollars, 40% half dollars, halves, silver, half dollars, cheap silver, silver bars, the federal reserve, precious metals check small rural banks if you can...a friend of mine picked up 3 rolls of halves at a small rural bank in south Georgia...every freaking coin was silver...most were 90% franklins and there were some 40% kennedys...probably some old timer had a bunch of them at home and decided to cash them in not realizing the silver content...smaller banks probably don't cycle through halves much so they probably keep what customers cash in to have some on hand...just a tip! If the dollar collapses, people like us that have gold and silver may end up saving the economy my keeping it going. If there is enough of it to spend into the economy it may be possible to sustain everything until all is rebuilt.