Thursday, September 1, 2011

What type of silver should you buy ?

I talk about a few different options when it comes to buying bullion. Also is it too late to get in on Silver? I like to diversify in junk silver, Government coins, and a few bars. I have maybe four or five generic rounds, although I do like the high premium coins because they are so beautiful. I bought a lot of HIGH premium stuff like lunars, kooks, and olympic maples back in November. Now, I've made over $15 on every coin with the premiums! To test for counterfeit silver coins, do a ring test. For large coins like silver dollars, balance the coin in the middle and tap the edge. You should hear a distinct high pitch ring which is characteristic of silver. That sound cannot be faked. For smaller coins, put them in a coffee mug, cover the top with your hand but leave a little space between your fingers. Then shake it next to year ear. You should again hear that high pitched ringing. Non-silver coins sound very different. i am now buying mostly silver maples and government coins just because they are better than a random private mint, i only have a few silver rounds (4) i also like the high premium bars because locally they sell them for cheap and i can sell them for a profit! The half Oz rounds are going to become a great way for people to keep getting silver in the coming times. I have 20 of the year of the rabbit. I thing you gave some good advise. I like a bit of variety myself. I keep buying a little each month & then big on the dips. Who know when the fiat $ in packing it in. For people entering the market your advice would be good to listen to.