Monday, September 3, 2012

How to Buy Gold. How to Buy Silver. What to Buy?

The ammount of reported "found" gold on this planet can only fill an olympic size pool say, 16 ft high? that`s not alot. Everybody & their mother is buying gold like crazy. Mostly certificates. Now, How is it, with ALL the big shot investors in the world, there are any scraps for us to buy, EVER? Something smells. Why is gold being used to plate cheap cosmetic jewlry & such if it is soooo valueable? Gold may make u money today, but has no value. Only consumables. Gold is basically being used as just another way to make, and take money from other people. A few days ago a billionaire named george soros just sold off $800,000,000 in gold for cash, that will oversaturate the market with gold and make what gold is worth right now, worth less. It's nothing more than manipulation of the price(availability) of gold. Time for everyone to jump off this sinking boat and invest their time and efforts into real products.