Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monster Box 500 1oz Silver Maple Leafs unboxing

Monster Box 500 1oz Silver Maple Leafs unboxing ...just remember, maples stain really easy, gotta use protection on these guys. Canadian Maples are just nice insurance.Hold until their ratio to the DOW/median house etc... reach a level of mania. Then trade in for real estate/other investments at the bottom of their cycle!

This is the unboxing video of our most recent addition to our investment portfolio. This is a box of 500 Ounces of Silver Maple Leafs and. Just beautiful. This is the first Silver and Gold we have purchased. I was excited and thought I would share the moment of unboxing with you Silver Bugs out there. I know lots of you have much more silver than this, but I felt this was a somewhat epic first time silver acquisition for a young guy. Me and my Wife have been wanting to do this for a while, nice to finally get around to it. I also showed my first Gold acquisition in this as well, obviously a humble amount, but a great start I think Details: This is an unboxing of a Royal Canadian Mint box of 500 1oz coins. In the video I gave up on counting the number of coins in each tube, but it's simple math...I just don't do math well in public ;o) There are 25 Maple Leafs per Tube and there are 20 tubes in total. Anyhow I hope you found this somewhat interesting....I sure did!