Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Future Purse, New Gold Money 1g, 5g, 10g, Paper plus Gold.

We are longing for gold money. But we still have the favor of paper money. Some people won't believe the promise of Government about Being Back by gold If they launch their new gold standard's paper money backed by gold. For that kind of people, Future money in the purse, what shape will that be?
Gold or Paper? Still paper but gold inside. This kind of money we already have!

PAMP Gold and Platinum 10 oz bars, Silver Kookaburras, and more

The Bullion Corner-- Episode One-- PAMP Gold and Platinum 10 oz bars, Silver Kookaburras, and more

Join me on a mystical and amazing trip through the hallowed halls of precious metals investing. We will be taking a whirlwind tour through the entire spectrum of premium bullion enjoyment. I would be remiss if I did not quote my mentor, the great Pseudo-Geber ( ), who said of his batshit crazy scheme to turn lead into gold that it was "Summa perfectionis magisterii," or "The Height of the Perfection of Mastery". Although you still can't make gold (sorry Geber), you CAN go out and pay some nice people on the internet to send it to you-- which I highly recommend. Enjoy, and remember people-- DON'T tell anyone that you are in possession of precious metals-- especially not strange people who you have never met on the internet. Thanks, and happy stacking.

How to Buy Gold Bars in USA

Buy gold bars as investments
As investment vehicles, gold bars are gaining in popularity primarily because gold bars carry much lower premiums than gold bullion coins carry. For example, premiums on kilo gold barscan be as much as $50 per ounce lower than the premium on American Gold Eagles.

Truly, gold bars are an exciting way to invest in gold. Hefting large gold bars almost causes an adrenalin rush. Invariably, people holding large gold bars for the first time ask, "How can something so small be so heavy?" A huge amount of wealth can be stored and concealed in gold bars.
Gold Bars for sale

Gold bars for sale include 1-oz gold bars, 10-oz gold bars, kilo gold bars, and 100-gram gold bars. All these gold bars are .9999 fine (99.99 pure.)

Whereas a few years ago only 1-oz and 10-oz gold bars were available, today kilo gold bars are commonly bought by large investors. That is because kilo gold bars are easier to store than are 1-oz gold bars. In the space it takes to store twenty-five 1-oz gold bars (in their packaging from the refinery), six Royal Canadian Mint kilo gold bars (192.90 ounces) could be stored.

However, kilo gold bars are not necessarily the best investments for all investors. While large investors can use private carriers such as Brinks to move kilo gold bars around the country, most investors use the US Postal Service, which presently has a maximum insurance per package of $25,000. At $1,250 gold, a kilo gold bar has a value right at $40,000.

Investors wanting low premium gold bars should consider the 100-gram gold bars, which carry premiums only slightly higher than kilo gold bars. Buying 100-gram bars allows investors to ship within the US Postal Service's insurance limits.

As a rule, smaller gold bars carry larger mark-ups over spot. However, usually the premiums on 100-gram gold bars are less than the premiums on 10-oz gold bars.