Tuesday, February 7, 2012


People should get the most bullion and best deals they can. The only advantage of coins is that you can sell 1oz at a time instead of selling 10oz in one go..you'd be better with coins if you had to exchange them....I simply believe that more bullion is BEST..The bigger the bar the more silver you get for your money Each bar takes effort to make so that effort happens with every bar you buy Best to buy one 1..100oz bar with 1 lot of effort rather that 10..10oz bars with 10 times the effort. You don't want to pay for effort..you want to pay for silver....There is a larger spread between bars and coins at the Perth Mint vs other online dealers, but that spread gets smaller in bulk for coins (but not for bars), for example if you buy 500+ koalas then you get a much lower price than if you buy 10 (currently $36.21 vs $39.71), but other online dealers will often sell for the bulk Perth Mint price in smaller quantities. If you're buying smaller quantities of coins you are best off going through other dealers.