Thursday, September 8, 2011

Numismatic silver vs Silver bullion

I think bullion is best at the cheapest possible price. I own a roll or Silver Eagles but the rest of my holdings is bullion. You have to ask this question: what r the chances that the premiums will OUTPERFORM the underlying bullion. And in my opinion the odds are low. If Silver doubles the premium would also have to double just to keep up and I don't see that happening. .numismatically......a­nd i tend not to buy for the art...way over premium....and at the end of the day ..its the melt value of silver that people will pay for....imagine...if we ever get to a situation where we end up using silver and gold for barter/purchasing.....numismat­ic value may not be a consideration.......but hey...then again you may be right.....either way  - its silver!!!...and those who have it will be set!!