Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to Buy Silver For Less

Good idea with burying the silver. The only thing i would suggest with doing that is to know what and where utilities are in the area. Last thing you want to do is hit a fiber line, power line, or worse a high pressure gas line. If your lucky and have a big property and plenty of places to hide it. Call for a utility locate and tell them its for, lets say "landscaping". As always great videos and thank you time out of your day to make them! In my area a SHTF weapons stash buried in PVC tubes was discovered in Northern Virginia due to highway construction in the last year or so.Careful with burying off roadways especially in or around a ditch. Spring runoff or a torrential downpour could carry your stash away. Further, roadworks will occasionally redig ditches to improve waterflow (out here they call is laser ditching) or to remove dirt that has filled in the ditch. Better to go to your mile marker - then walk into the woods off of that marker and make your cache.