Monday, January 6, 2014

Bitcoin Destroyed, Gold and Silver Attacked

BITCOIN DESTROYED? Not yet, but it will be. The regimes of central banking, the financial institutions who hold power and who's power is rooted in the ability to issue currency, control its value, manipulate the flow of wealth and through all of it CONTROL the populations HATE Bitcoin. They hate it just as they hate gold and silver. Therefore it will forever be under assault and attack. The pressure will not let up. There will be dark and hidden cyber wars, covert assaults, digital special forces missions where digital commandos and digital drones with bombard any individual or institution that holds, issues, or has any part of bitcoin. The resume and track record of investment/financial vehicles similar to bitcoin is very clear. They are attacked repeatedly. Thanks for watching, please subscribe and join the conversations here on the Junius Maltby Channel **DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A PROPONENT OF BITCOIN, MERELY A CHEERLEADER