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Why Silver Will Be a Better Investment than Gold

Why Silver Will Be a Better Investment than Gold

The investment potential of silver is hugeWhile gold is and always has been money, and its status as the ultimate preserver of wealth is untouchable, in the coming years silver promises to be a significantly more lucrative investment than gold. There are a few reasons for this.

According to (fairly) recent surveys, there are around 400 million ounces of silver bullion in the world versus 2 billion ounces of gold bullion. That means there the supply of gold bullion is 5 times greater than the supply of silver bullion. If we include coinage that can be melted down into bullion, then the supply of gold is three times greater than the supply of silver, with 1 billion ounces of silver and 3 billion ounces of gold. So silver the amount of silver available for use is much smaller than the amount of gold available.

The global supply of gold increases by about 2% per year, largely because gold is normally recycled and reused. But silver has many industrial uses, and silver is largely not reusable, so every year there is a supply deficit. Even in years of low demand, the supply of newly mined silver falls short of demand by about 70 million ounces. In years of high demand, it may fall short by as much as 200 million ounces. These deficits need to be taken out of the existing silver supplies above ground, which are therefore being depleted. Demand for silver has been outstripping supplies for 15 years straight, and there is no sign of this reversing.

In addition to those simple realities of supply and demand, the case of silver is complicated by some of the financial funny business that goes on in this world (which we've seen plenty of over the past year and a half). One of those funny things is the existence of unbacked silver certificates. Silver certificates are like IOUs that indicate that you have paid for an ounce of silver, and these certificates are supposed to be redeemable for physical silver. There are one billion of these certificates out there. But remember -- there are only 400 million ounces of silver bullion in the world. So what happens when the price of silver increases and people want to convert their certificates? A big shortage will occur, and that will send the price of silver soaring even higher.

Another bit of funny business is that there is a massive short position in silver that greatly exceeds the supply of physical silver. When you short an investment, it means that you borrow it and sell it now while the price is high, and you buy it back later when the price is lower. The problem is that when everybody goes to buy back the silver they have shorted, there won't be enough! There are approximately 508 million ounces of silver shorted on NYMEX, but there is only 132 million ounces of supply. Remember that worldwide, there is only 400 million ounces of silver bullion in existence, less than the amount that is shorted on NYMEX. When these people all go to cover their short positions then the rediculous degree of the silver shortage will become apparent.

For all of these reasons and others, silver is destined to be an amazing investment opportunity over the years to come. While gold will protect you from currency devaluation, silver will help you multiply your wealth, if you are significantly invested in it.

Buy Silver Bars For The Long Term

Buy Silver Bars For The Long Term

Buying Physical silverToday I made a purchase of 2 kilograms of silver bullion, and I was once again reminded of one of the necessary evils of precious metals investing: the buy/sell spread. The buy/sell spread refers to the different between the price you pay when you buy the metal, versus the price you will be paid if you are selling your metal back. You've probably experienced something similar if you've ever changed money into a foreign currency for a trip. The buy and sell prices are different. This is, of course, to the benefit of the dealer and essentially amounts to a service charge.

All precious metal bullion bars and coins are sold with some kind of spread, because this is what keeps the dealers in business. The spread depends on the kind of metal, and also on the size increment that you buy. The smaller the unit, the larger the markup. A tiny 5 gram gold bar can have a spread of 25%, and 1 ounce bullion coins can have a spread of around 15%, while a 1 kilogram bar currently worth around $30,000 may have a markup of just 1 or 2 %.

But compared to the other precious metals, the buy sell spread on silver is very wide, exceeding 10%. Today I purchased my silver at Ishifuku Metals in Osaka, Japan.
The silver spot price in Japanese yen was approximately 35,000 yen (currently 392.962 US dollars) per kilogram of silver. The sell price was over 39,000 yen (currently 438.156 US dollars) per kg, while their buy price was either the spot price or very close to it. That's a spread of around 11.5%!

Buying bulk silver ingotsOn top of that there are service charges. At Ishifuku Metals there was a service charge of 5200 yen per 1 kg bar, so in total 10,400 yen. So to obtain 2 kilograms of silver whose spot price was around 70,000 yen, I wound up paying close to 90,000 yen, or around 28.5 % more than the spot price. So to turn a profit on my silver purchase, silver will have to increase in value by over 28.5 %. So why did I buy it? Because it's an investment that I intend to hold for the future, and I am confident that the price of silver will grow exponentially in future years. I have no intentions of trading silver and buying and selling it regularly. For that I would focus on silver stocks or silver ETFs (electronically traded funds). But for a secure investment in my future wealth, I want to own physical precious metals. By the way, you don't always have to pay these extra transaction costs, but in Japan they seem to be the norm unless you buy 30 kg bars or more.

Why does silver have a much larger buy/sell spread and higher transaction feeds than gold? It probably has to do with the low price of silver for its weight. At current prices, an ounce of gold costs about the same as 2 kilograms of silver. Even though an ounce of gold and 2 kg of silver sell for somewhere around the same price, it costs a lot more to store and transport the silver because of its size and weight. Hence the higher transaction fees. I suspect that the wide spread is also a reflection of the current silver shortage, and growing investor demand for silver which results in the dealer having to run around and order some for you rather having it on stock.

Gold buying selling bullion bars at Ishifuku KinzokuWhen buying gold the buy/sell spread and fees are much lower than for silver. But you should still be aware of them when you buy physical gold, and you should think twice if you intend to buy gold, silver or other precious metals in order to quickly sell them when the price swings upward. The spread and transaction fees make this impractical. If you want to trade precious metals, buying on the dips and selling on the peaks, a precious metals ETF or mining stock may be the way to go instead.

How to Buy Silver Bullion

How to Buy Silver Bullion

buy silver bullion, silver bullion prices, silver bullion coins, silver bullion bars, buying silver bullion, silver bullion coin, how to buy silver bullionMaybe people nowadays are pulling out of their stocks or using saved up cash to buy silver bullion in order to combat the weakening of the US dollar. Many think this is a very good idea – me included. It is easy to find out how to buy silver bullion if you go to a coin shop or local silver dealer. Some jewelers even sell silver. It’s even affordable to do it through a reputable website like APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange.) I am writing the following “how to buy silver bullion” guide to help those who are considering the option of investing in silver bullion in general.

We all know that silver is really a currency and is recognized as such everywhere in the world. The current “silver bullion prices” are low enough for the beginner investor to participate as the price of silver is lingering around $12 per ounce. It will go higher very soon, but before it does, buy silver bullion! This is how to buy silver bullion in easy steps.
Why buy silver bullion?

Silver also has many industrial usages and is a very practical precious metal. It is also rarer than its closest competitor: gold. Eventually, the supply of silver bullion and “silver bullion coins” will run out, and that is when silver investors will win big! Silver is severely undervalued. Stock up now on your “silver bullion bars” also known as “silver bars” before it gets too expensive! Learn how to buy silver bullion is my best advice.

You will want to be selling your silver when everyone else suddenly decides to buy it! Therefore, “buying silver bullion” and silver bullion coin right now is a smart idea! Think ahead and you will profit from this trend. This is how to buy silver bullion! Right now, go buy silver bullion!

This will be a lot easier than you may think, and once you get started I guarantee you will be encouraged immensely to keep going. Silver investing is addictive as many current investors will tell you if you ask. Seeing the physical pieces of silver that they bought in exchange for their questionable US dollars (LOL) is enough inspiration to keep at buying silver bullion each month. In order to know how to buy silver bullion, you basically just need to “do it.” It’s one of those things…

If you are unclear of how to buy silver bullion, ask your local coin shop or someone you know who is already buying silver bullion. Ask them to help you learn the steps to buy silver bullion. A little education never hurt anyone, so make sure you know the basics about silver bullion investing before you start. Feel comfortable with the terminology used and know what you are talking about when you are buying silver bullion or are simply talking to someone about how to buy silver bullion. Don’t let the thought of how to buy silver bullion scare you away from doing something great for your financial future! Don’t let your doubt get the best of you! Good luck!

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