Thursday, August 30, 2012

Buy Silver NOW !!! The Single Best Investment.

You silver bulls better hold on to your hats (I'm one myself). Silver is about to go through the roof!! I've been a silver trader for years now, and I have never seen the charts line up like they are now. You are about to see silver run up to $75 to $125 per ounce sometime in t5he near future. The moment we have been waiting for is on the horizon...

Just a quick reference you may be interested in looking at before you start investing in silver bullion of your own. Video may have been created in 2008 but fundamentals all the same and comments are always keeping this video up to par with events unfolding today. Here is the list of people I follow: Ted Butler, Michael Maloney (will study anything and everything that this man writes or says), Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff, David Morgan.There are many, many different types of silver than can be ordered. Everything from standard coins to fractional rounds and bars have found their way onto the marketplace, making it easy for virtually anyone to own precious metals. There is a fairly common misconception that only the wealthy can afford to own metals, be it silver, gold, or otherwise. While this may appear to be true, it is certainly not the reality. The truth is that metals, and silver in particular, are actually more than affordable. Even if you do not want to buy several ounces at a time, there are innumerable ounce and fractional sized pieces that are available. Coins are the most well known form of silver. Even if you do not invest in or collect silver at all, there is a decent chance that you have owned a coin at some point in your life. Maybe a family member handed down some Silver Eagles from years past. Perhaps you have received some coins or bullion as a gift. Whatever the case may be, silver is one of the most common acquisitions that any person can make, and that is with good value. Not only are coins a good gift, but they will also more than retain their value.