Thursday, January 8, 2015

Intro to Bullion | Gold, Silver, Platinum, Tax Law in Nevada | Tips on Buying Bullion, Bars

Can you name 5 different United States mints?

How to participate and win Sahara Coins University's June 2014 Special Giveaway:

1) Must watch all the videos associated with the Giveaway
2) Must have all the "correct" answers to all 8 questions when you bring them into Sahara Coins.

About Sahara Coins University:
Our Commitment To Our Next Generation!
The importance of providing your children the knowledge and ability to understand collecting starts here. At Sahara Coins we not only want to help the advanced collector find the coins they are looking for whether it be a 1920's American Gold Eagle or an 1856 Flying Eagle Cent, we also want to help the young or new collectors get started and begin to learn all about the hobby of coin collecting. With the Coin Collecting for Kids album you will be walked through the ins and outs of beginning coin collecting, this is ideal for that Mom or Dad that wants to introduce the art of collecting to their child. You will receive a United States Red Book, Coin Collecting For Kids album, A Gold Bar replica Coin Bank all nicely packaged in a Sahara Coins Canvas bank bag. Take a few minutes to check out the video and we can't wait to see you in the store.