Sunday, March 4, 2012

How To Buy Gold Coins

How To Buy Gold Coins

Never before has there been such an upward trend for purchasing precious metals... and now is the time! According to many of the leading experts: ...this is just the beginning of the greatest boom in precious metals history!

2012 Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Bullion Coins

A 1oz. Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin.i have 1000s plus of these in my collection with other types. They are my favorite, but so is NTR 10 Ounce bars, Scottsdale 1 OZ and 10 OZ stalkers. and anything else I can get my hands on. I will be buying all the way down. Or all the way up. I could see a movie, but instead i buy silver. I could go out to eat, I buy silver instead. I could get some junk food. I buy Silver instead. I could buy gagets, new computer, new clothes, beer, etc. I buy Silver instead